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  1. A couple of things that help me out. CTRL-S is your friend. Quickly saves the page you are editing. Sublime also has a plugin called "View In Browser." A right click on the document or hot-key combo saves your file and opens it in a browser of your choice. You probably know this, but I will mention this as well. In the tab where the document name is, there is either a little circle or x to the right of the name. A quick glance tells you the status. x=saved, circle=there are unsaved edits on the page. These save a bit of time as well not having to go to the mouse
  2. Are you reopening the browser each time or refreshing (F5) the page after you make changes?
  3. Stef: Curious why it needs to http://. I know I have done it that way in the past and it worked fine. Thoughts?
  4. A couple of questions: 1) is "my-friends" an html file? Does it have an extension (.txt .html, etc)? If so, it must have that extension in the link. I am running under the assumption that is is another page in your site and is called "my-friends.html".Make sure it has an html extension. The names must match (file name and the name in your link) <p>Meet<a href="my-friends.html"> my friends.</a></p> 2) If this is a file, it must be in the same directory as your index.html (or whatever you call you home page). If not, you need to give a path to t
  5. I run CentOS Linux. Of editors available to both CentOS and MAC, I have used VIM, Brackets, Atom, and Sublime Text. I have used others that are not ported to MAC. Of these, I always come back to Sublime Text. Best Advice? Try several, you will find one that stands out among the others.
  6. Just passed the halfway mark in the CSS3 course. This has truly been one of the better taught online courses I have taken. A lot is review as I have taken other Web Developer and boot camp style courses. Yours is great ( I am speaking of the "Interactive Web Developers Course". It is that inter activeness that helps a great deal. Although not a reason for taking the course, is certification given at the completion? There was not any mention of it when I signed up, at least not that I remember.
  7. So, have you come to any more concrete conclusions on this issue since your post. As someone wanting to transition to web development, your discoveries would be helpful.
  8. MikeJones


    Just thought I would log into the forum, and WOW. What a great looking new site greeted me. Great job, Stef. Looks fantastic.
  9. Sound fantastic. Looking forward to see this forum progress
  10. Testing, as requested by Stef, to see if forum permissions for posting work!
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