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Photo Size In Websites


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That depends on your design. However, it is always best to size it to what is needed, not display a larger image smaller.


To be clear, you could display a 1000 px by 1500 px image in a 100 x 1501 px size, but you'd still be loading the huge image. It would be the better approach to resize your image in a graphics program to the size you'll be displaying it.

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Are you filling the entire header with the image? If yes then size the image to the same amount of pixels as your header. Also remember that web design pictures should be 72dpi to display correctly. 

Also are you using the image as a background or an inserted image?

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These days huge header images are in. In the past, the size of images (in Kilobytes) was important given Internet bandwidth limits but we now live in the age of Youtube and HD video on the Web ... image size in that way is not important for the most part. 


The only difference MIGHT be with mobile devices. But MIGHT is emphasized for a reason - even on mobile, people have huge capacity in terms of download limits and very capable phones and tablets. 


So the solution is to figure out what the average resolution is today (check your own web stats if you have them, or check out widely published web stats) and then use responsive design techniques (or a framework like twitter Bootstrap) and scale your sites UI down to fit the smaller screen sizes.

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