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Thank you, Stef!


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BTW, what do you think of the new category arrangements? I am trying to make it more logical this time around.




I think the line up looks good. It's very intuitive. And I like that you've added a forum for advanced questions. That's awesome!

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Oooh, cool! :D Do I get to keep my old post count, too?
Really - it took me FOUR years to break over 3,000.....
I am a baby tweeter and I just tweeted about my new forum love
I cannot keep up, haven't even half-way figured out CMS, now I have to tweet????


Seriously - what can be more fun?????

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Thanks Stef, I'm sure this forum will be as successful than the last one, probably more so.


Ahh ... I will grab something I just wrote in the admin board that will address this issue:





I'm really leaning heavily to adding a whole new social networking component to the site.


Why? It has hit home how much of a 'club-house' this place has become. And I think more freedom for people to create their own 'spaces' on the site might be a good thing.


So, I am thinking of a professional social network of web designers, web programmers, graphic designers, flash experts etc ... could be useful to the group as a whole. I have worked with members of this board over the years (and they have been great) and I think if we could put together a larger group of web professionals, we could all benefit.


Think about it, if you KNEW a few web designers, maybe a couple of Flash experts, PHP programmers etc .. you could pool resources on contracts and projects and it will probably lead to new contracts and work for everyone, if you want it.


... You will more likely know and trust these people, because they will be part of the network .. they will be people you've 'seen' around, people you will be familiar with.


I'm sure we all trust our established members here, and would rather work with them than some guy over the Web.




Anyway, I am really leaning to put this in place in January sometime.



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Thank you, Steph! The new forum looks great and is very easy to navigate! Keep up the good work!! :D


We are working on a bunch of new additions/updates to killersites.com that are still yet to come. The forum was just one step in the process ... and we aren't finished with it yet!




Thanks for the kinds remarks.



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I've been a member on the old forum since Feb 08 and still haven't broke a hundred! :P
You don't look familiar - what was your name on the other side?






I had the "Flash playing billiards" avatar.


I haven't posted in months... I enrolled at The Art Institute of Indianapolis for interactive web design. Between school and work there's barely enough time for family, let alone posting! :P

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