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Found 9 results

  1. Font Background Color in Wordpress?

    Hello, I have a website and I need to implement Font Background Color change. Tried TinyMCE plug in but it didn't help me. Any suggestion apperciated. Thanks
  2. WordPress Update Breaks Automatic Update Feature - Apply Manual Update https://thehackernews.com/2018/02/wordpress-update.html
  3. PHP form --> convert to WP form Hi there, I have several (legacy) php forms I'd like to re-use in my wp site. No way I will retype them again... therefore I'm looking for a way to import them directly into wp. Would you recommend any plugin? I understand pasting the original php code into the text editor will save me a lot of time, but it won't be final, since a lot of validation has to be done, etc... Do you have any experience with importing php forms into wp with a kind of 1-click solution? WP's plugins repository is not obvious on this matter...or maybe I've just missed it. txs
  4. Nearly 2000 WordPress Websites Infected with a Keylogger https://thehackernews.com/2018/01/wordpress-keylogger.html I hope none of you are using other peoples computers to make money for yourself. It is unethical and you deserve what you get in the end.
  5. Hi there, not sure if this is the right module, but there it goes... I want to use social login in my website (i.e., visitors will login with their Facebook Twitter Instagram or Linkedin accounts, with pending confirmation from me/Admin), and the one I came up from my search was SUPER SOCIALIZER. For each login type I need to register for an API KEY. The process of getting this api seems quite cumbersome (here: http://support.heateor.com/how-to-get-facebook-app-id/) I wonder what would be your advice, according to your own experience. Should I go for it, and try another plugin, simpler and more user-friendly to set up? Txs for reading F
  6. I got an email form my host, letting me know my site's been temporarily taken down due to suspicious activity. Apparently, 3 files are affected: /wp-content/wpspl-load-compat.php /wp-includes/wpspl-load-compat.php /wp-includes/wpn-sops.ph Nothing comes up when I google those file names, and since I still haven't learned PHP, I also don't really know what's going on - but mention of backdoors and such really makes me wonder. And entering a mentioned url - packetstormsecurity.org and seeing Putin..... I'm just not clear if I can just delete the entire file - below is what's in the compat file inside the includes folder - or do I need to just clean something. And after that? As far as I know, I'm running the latest WP version and my password should be pretty solid, too. I got an error message trying to include the content into <> - maybe because it's so large, and it was also too large to attach the file, so here it is: PHP Code in Notepad Doc
  7. Hidden Backdoor Found In WordPress Captcha Plugin Affects Over 300,000 Sites https://thehackernews.com/2017/12/wordpress-security-plugin.html
  8. I have a website that i have built using wordpress and am trying to make to be responsive. http://www.raythompwebdesign.com I am using media queries and have installed respond.js to make site responsive but media queries only seem to take effect when i view mysite on LocalHost not when loaded onto remote server. Not sure if it is some thing to do with Wordpress. Would appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what the problem may be?
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a web newbie and I've only made new websites. i've never taken over an existing website before. I work pretty much only in wordpress, but I've dabbled with Joomla, and I can make basic website coding through dreamweaver. As you can see, this is all pretty much front end stuff. A friend of mine recently fired her web developer (billing issues), and asked if I can redesign her site. I warned her this is out of my league, but agreed to give it a shot. Because the site is existing. I can't just edit things to the live site like I've done with others. I'm going to recommend a new wordpress theme, but wanted to try a few themes out before I made my final recommendation. So I want to test these things out before they go live. So I understand the idea, that I need to make a local test server, that essentially is a mirror of my live site. And on this test server I can feel free to play around and change things. So I downloaded MAMP, assuming I'd use that to set up my server. When I do so, it tells me that there is an error establishing a database connection. I checked to make sure that everything looked right in my wp-config.php file and it does. So now I'm confused. So this brings up a few questions: 1. What am I doing wrong with respect to MAMP 2. Is there a different way besides MAMP? 3. I have another site that I've used previously as my demo site. Is there a way to copy all of my files from the new live site (wordpress and all) and import them to my existing site? my existing site is just live all of the time, but who cares, no one is looking at it. Then once I make all of the changes i want, can't I just then copy all of these new files, and then upload them to the new site? Thanks! You all are wonderful! xoxo Lita