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  1. Thanks a lot for the advice guys. You are right when you say I want to code this site myself. Using a ready made responsive theme created by someone else seems like cheating a bit. I really don't want to resort to using one unless I have built it myself. However, if this problem cannot be solved , I may have to consider using a responsive theme like the bootstrap or foundation themes for now. I will definately double check file paths.
  2. I have a website that i have built using wordpress and am trying to make to be responsive. http://www.raythompwebdesign.com I am using media queries and have installed respond.js to make site responsive but media queries only seem to take effect when i view mysite on LocalHost not when loaded onto remote server. Not sure if it is some thing to do with Wordpress. Would appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what the problem may be?
  3. Thanks for the tips guys! I will definately check out those sites.
  4. I am have been practising Web Design for about two years and am now looking for the best value web host to host some of the websites i have built and are building. I currently have a website i am working on uploaded to a hosting site called WebHost000.com on free account. I can only access two databases , which means i am limited in the amount of database driven sites i can upload at one time. I would like to be able to up loead more database driven sites and to set Wordpress but i am not able to with a free account. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good value web host the does not cost a lot for a newbie?
  5. Hello

    I am new to web development and have joined this forum to gain and share knowledge and ideas on web design & development.I hope very soon to be to do abe to do some freelance work.

    I know XHTML CSS Javascript. I also recently learned some PHP JSON XML Jquery AJAX HTML5 and CSS3

    I can also use Flash, Dreamweaver & Photoshop .

    I have a couple of websites i have ...

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