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  1. PHP form --> convert to WP form

    Yep, that's what I did: I pasted the html code into wp editor....and it replicated my original form. Since I have about 50 fields to process I will have to manually add the tags in my contact7 form, one by one .. That's what I was trying to avoid. Txs
  2. PHP form --> convert to WP form Hi there, I have several (legacy) php forms I'd like to re-use in my wp site. No way I will retype them again... therefore I'm looking for a way to import them directly into wp. Would you recommend any plugin? I understand pasting the original php code into the text editor will save me a lot of time, but it won't be final, since a lot of validation has to be done, etc... Do you have any experience with importing php forms into wp with a kind of 1-click solution? WP's plugins repository is not obvious on this matter...or maybe I've just missed it. txs