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  1. My option is WordPress. We can create a professional and attractive web design by using the templates!!
  2. I use WordPress as it contains different templates, plug-in architecture and mainly user-friendly!!
  3. It will be better if you mention the reason if you found anyone SPAM or banned so that next time they will take care of that!!
  4. Hi, welcome to forum......we are here to support you in any discussion!!
  5. Hi dude....Welcome to the forum!!
  6. Hey Greetings from me too ! .. I may have joined few months ago but am also a newbie here as i was busy with my marketing job and i could not able to get enough time to stay with my PC .. So now am totally free as i got a Job trough which i get enough time to log in to my net.. So i guess i will also be a Active member from now !
  7. So as the title goes i want to know whether this forum provides us an option for "Signature link" or not ? I even gone trough this link http://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/forum/7-forum-rules-and-etiquette/ but could not able to find anything related to signature link here.. If at all there is an option for it then i also want to know how to add a signature link to the post ! Thanks and Regards Williams
  8. But i guess now a days Silverlight is facing difficulties in capturing the market because of the maturity of Flash and just because of its features (which the developers always wanted to see in flash), it is managing to Keep up !
  9. Wow ! Reply to the problem in no time.. Never seen a Admin who solve the problems so fast.. Anyways.. I don't know whether i can ask you the question here or not but am asking it (am sorry for it)... so my question is ... "Is there any option to add link in the signature field" ?
  10. I totally agree to this point and to be frank i too used to think in the same way till i got addicted to computers.. But if we go to topic chrome may be in the number one position but i think firefox could give a stiff competition to chrome as many people on the globe still prefer to use Firefox instead of chrome and am one of those ....
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