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  1. Pickup PHP skills for actual web programming such as server side applications etc. This is better. HTML, Photoshop, dreamweaver etc for web page look, feel aspects. Thanks and Regards, David
  2. I think both site maps are best for an SEO friendly website. Because HTML site map is for user and XML site map is for Crawler. Thanks in advance, David
  3. HTML is a content of website and CSS makes website attractive and useful for visitors, more attractive then appeals more visitors and creates larger traffic. So both HTML and CSS are very important for a good website. Another thing, styling website by CSS is separated from html which is content of website and such a separation is supported by new standards of HTML5. Thanks a lot, David
  4. Web design uses all the same elements as print design. You need to explore the space and layout, handle fonts and colors and put it all together in a format it puts your message across. This resources will help you learn Web design whether you are already a professional Web developer or just getting started in the Web arena. Thanks and Regards, David
  5. Hi Friends, I am totally confused about various programming languages and software for developing a website. I am please to know the essentials of above in order to get A to Z details of a website development. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks and Regards Davidsaga
  6. Hey friends I know a little bit of html , but I want to become a web designer mostly freelancer. What should I learn beside html? How much can I expect to earn the first year? Nice to meet you Davidsaga
  7. Hi friends, If it does work, how and why? What should advertisers do to optimize their banner add for organic search? Thanks and regards Davidsaga
  8. Hello all, I am considering changing to a career in web application development. I currently have a bachelors degree in Finance. To avoid the high cost of tuition to get a degree in computer science, is it possible to get Microsoft certifications, such as the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, to accomplish my goal? Thanks a lot. David
  9. Hello friends, I am starting up my own web design business, but I would like to know if it would be possible to sell it when I go to university if it is successful. Thanks a lot. David
  10. Hello friends, Greetings to all and nice to meet you. Myself David saga. I want to participate in the discussion, so I joined here. There are lots of topics to discuss and share. Hope I can get your support to share my experience with all. Regards David saga
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