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  1. Your best source is the Plugin API in the Wordpress Codex - http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API Good luck and have fun!
  2. Congratulations to the Killer Sites forum, and thank YOU Stefan for making this place possible.
  3. Definitely email for support as indicated, but I also recommend VLC media player, just google it. I find it the best for watching all kinds of video files. Quicktime is available from the Apple website.
  4. No, nothing that fancy. Right now we just do it manually and keep track of tickets in the client backend area of my site, but I'm coding my own little app to handle this, since I want it to be very custom, and it's a great learning experience.
  5. I have a few clients like that. What I do is offer a ticket-based maintenance system that covers upgrades (such as upgrading between versions of Wordpress) and minor edits. So for instance a client will purchase 10 tickets for $x dollars and that entitles them to asking for 10 edits/minor changes. Then if something comes up like a need to upgrade their Wordpress installation I let them know and give them the option to do it themselves or to have me do it for one ticket.
  6. We will be coming out with one ... probably within a month. Stefan Wonderful wonderful wonderful !! I assume it will be possible to buy it by itself? I ask this because I had already purchased a lot of the other tut series.
  7. einsteinsboi

    strtoupper question

    I think you also want to have the $ before name. In other words $name, not just name.
  8. Stefan Is there already a Wordpress Plugin development tutorial/screencast on Killer Sites? I didn't see it even in the list of stuff in the Uni.
  9. We may have a tutorial on plugin development for Wordpress. Thanks for picking up the Wordpress theme building tutorial. Stefan OK, I looked around but couldn't find the plugin development tutorial. Is it in the Killer Sites University somewhere? I would definitely pick that one up too. I haven't bought a membership yet because I had bought most of the series tuts before KSU came along.
  10. I use Wordpress on two blogs and have built a couple of small sites for clients with it. I purchased the Killer Sites series on building a theme so I'm getting to do that and getting better at it. Next I plan to delve into developing plugins Wordpress is pretty sweet to use. For more heavy duty websites I use Drupal which I find to be an amazingly powerful system. I also use MODx CMS which is pretty flexible and whose power I don't think I've even started tapping into.
  11. Are you floating your sidebar and main content areas? If yes you may need to clear the floats before adding the footer div.
  12. You can also just link to the Google hosted jQuery as one alternative. There is an interesting post about this here (remove the spaces): http: // encosia. com / 2008/12/10/3-reasons-why-you-should-let-google-host-jquery-for-you/
  13. Where is your hosting company? Also, how are you trying to install wordpress, are you using the cpanel automatic script installer or did you upload the files yourself and try to install that way? Installing Wordpress is pretty straightforward on a regular cPanel. Do you have any other websites hosted?
  14. I suspect the OP wants a way to automatically place the banner code in each of the 1000 pages without having to open each one individually and copy paste, and OP is wondering if there is any online or offline software that will make that possible.
  15. I was wondering if there's a way the OP could do this programmatically by writing a PHP script that would go through each file and append the text for the header to the top of each HTML document, but I'm not yet good enough with PHP to know if this is actually possible or to even attempt it And yes, the tools used to create these pages is a little scary
  16. Another good place to look would be NETTUTS. They do quite a few different PSD to HTML/CSS tutorials and screencasts http://net.tutsplus.com
  17. All the content of the document......
  18. I think what you're looking for is a plugin that will allow your client's latest tweets to show on her sidebar? Is this correct? Is yes, you might want to look at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-widget/ (if your theme is widget ready). Read the installation instructions to see where you need to place her twitter username so that her status updates show. If you just want a follow me link then you can just place a text widget (or text box area) into your sidebar and place her twitter url there, or else code it into your theme. HTH
  19. I like the new look a lot I particularly like that you've maintained the clean uncluttered look that I love about Killer Sites!
  20. Also, for the XHTML doctype you should close your tag like so: [/b]
  21. Not to be redundant but I absolutely concur. Start with the very basics, learn to write your own code, write some apps, THEN delve into a framework. This approach will mean you get a better grasp of what's going with the classes and helpers that a framework provides you. Good luck!
  22. Then I would recommend you start with something that you can eventually scale up, especially if you anticipate growing and expanding what the site will offer.
  23. Yes, that's actually the same company, oddly enough. http://www.intuit.com/ It is one way to go, but the designs are pretty generic and not something I'd personally recommend to clients. LOL, you're absolutely right, I just looked at their website a little more carefully... wow!
  24. Wordpress is nice and easy to set up, but depending on how complex his site is going to be you may need something more hefty. For example when you say a portal site, does this mean he needs to have user interaction like a forum, private downloads, etc. ? If the site is going to pretty simple and he's the only one adding content then Wordpress may do the the trick. If he needs user interaction, a forum, private downloads, etc etc you may want to go with something like Drupal.
  25. When you say intuit, what do you mean exactly? I can only think of the company behind Quickbooks and I'm sure that's not who you're referring to... lol if they're a web hosting company, they should have a way where you can upload and set up any templates you purchase and then build your website.
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