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  1. I did not expect this to happen with my wordpress blog. I do not know if it is just users stupidity or if it is spammers trying to break into my blog. Either way, it is something that needs fixing. Apparently people are trying to log in without registering. I have been getting annoying email messages that say essentially: That is not exactly what it says, but you get the idea. Click here to see an actual message. So I am guessing that what is happening is that someone just clicks on "log in" and then requests a password instead of clicking on Register. But there are
  2. I am going to write my own WordPress Plugin (from scratch). I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience doing this and if they can offer any suggestions. I have been looking for some sort of comprehensive list of all the "hooks", "Filters" and "actions" and what they are used for.
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