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  1. ya that is different from my 1000 pages & cpanel is diff any way thnx
  2. no i dont think so my c panel file mnge is all empty can i give u the user & pass ao u can install plz
  3. thank you i will try & 1 more thing to ask i can not able to install any soft in my c panel it says Install WordPress (2/3) The installation can not be completed: - You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain. Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors. can u help
  4. ok thank you 4 the info You might be able to do this with Dreamweaver's find and replace. Just 'find' an existing piece of code that's in all your pages near where you need to add you new stuff, then replace it with what you were looking for AND what you want to insert. u mean that i have to do this on every page??? it is time consuming but still i dont understand your these words Before you are doing your insert, you should look into PHP Includes - that way, all those parts of your website that are the same throughout would be kept in ONE place ONE time and only get inserted on each page by the server. (think copy right date, for example). I know a little php but can u plz explain a lil bit same throughout would be kept in ONE place ONE time and only get inserted on each page by the server. ????????
  5. ya einsteinsboi is absolutely true that what i want? so plz help me out if u want that 1000 pages to understand i will give it but plz help me out thank you
  6. sorry Moderator i did,NT get your point i simplif mean to say that save any to search of google now u have 2 html page just place a banner above both page at once by online soft or offline soft & is there is any other way to make a web out of soft like dreamviewer ms office etc
  7. no al the files os in my ps not yet publiched on web all like this allbestwallpapers.com but diff pic & as i also want to add banner on the top & sides but i forget i get it when i was on page 944 but i comolete that with out banner but now how can i add the banner do i have to put banner at every page separately or is there is an quick method
  8. i just make 1000 pages web all by ms pub i mean that i have 1000 html pages with 3 diff background which is a complete web made in ms office or dreamviver but how to add any html banner on each page eg .allbestwallpapers. com it have 3 template 1 is on mail page 1 is in catagory and last is when we open a image so i also have a web like that ofline but i want to add a banner that will apear on all page ???? is that the work of cpanel software like joumla worldpress or what???? plz help me out
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