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  1. Thank you for the links. I found this site to be very helpful, http://net.tutsplus.com/ This site have many wordpress and other web developer tutorials. Is anyone aware of other websites like this?
  2. Does anyone know any good websites to learn how to build WordPress 3.0 specific themes from scratch? Do you build the theme in WordPress directly or do you build HTML pages first and then create the different components (header, footer...)?
  3. I am new to Web Designing and had a question about shopping carts. I was wondering what Shopping Carts do you recommend learning for someone like me (newbie). I've taken a look at the wordpress plug-in but it seems a bit limited. There are open source carts like oscommerce and zencart. Do you recommend these open source carts?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, I'm learning Wordpress at the moment and have learned how to create custom templates. I was wondering how designers design wordpress for clients. IS there a list of must have plug-ins that you install to add functionality or ease of designing in your wordpress projects?
  5. Suzie, your site looks great. I've taken a look a wordpress and learned how to create custom templates, now I love it. The problem that I'm finding out is that I'm a more of a coder than a designer. Let me ask you, for the footer area where you have the newsletter area "ENEWS and Updates", is that a plugin? Do you save the user's email address in the database? Did you code that you self?
  6. So clients are only able to edit the "blog" page? Everything else is static?
  7. I'm leaving in a few mins' date=' so I don't have time to post links to tutorials (I'll do it later), but the #1 reason why I develop my clients' websites in WordPress (or other CMS) is because I want to give them the ability to log in and edit their content on their own. I don't have the time to perform small edits to all my clients' sites and this allows them to do minor changes themselves. If my client has a static website, chances are they don't know code and I would have to do all the updates for them.[/quote'] Susie, I was thinking of using Wordpress the same way, not as a blog tool but for full websites. Do you modify or use a plugin to make wordpress act more like a CMS for your clients. From what I see, with Wordpress you can control your blog, but what if you want to give clients the ability to edit content on all their pages. I've seen hints that some coders modify the back end of wordpress to create their own admin panel, is this true?
  8. What advantages does it offer over creating a static website? Are there any good links or tutorials on how to use Wordpress in this way? Thanks for the replies.
  9. I've noticed that Wordpress is very popular with web designers. I understand it is a blog tool, but why is it so popular to create websites?
  10. Besides the basic php, what do you think a beginning developer should get into? Wordpress, PHP Cake, Smarty?
  11. I'm trying to get into PHP. I'm learning about basic php and OOP. There are so many articles that I read that suggest to learn different PHP applications like PEAR, Smarty, or Wordpress. What do I focus on? What do developers use on a daily basis? What would best help my PHP skills?
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I know CSS real well and can do table-less layouts no problem. I've focused on learning PHP. Let me ask you, for wordpress, do they use object oriented PHP? I look at the code and have no idea where to start. Its interesting that you say to start learning photoshop, do you have a tutorial you recommend?
  13. Hello everyone. I'm new to building websites. I've built about 5 basic websites using HTML and CSS. I'm still a beginner at PHP. I don't know where I should go next, should I learn Javascript, JQuery, advanced PHP? Do you recommend go good tutorial sites?
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