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  1. I didn't realize killersites was a wordpress site?
  2. how did we get to 2014? I thought the world was suppose to end in 2012.
  3. you're responding to a post seven months old
  4. kralcx


    best to ask this question in the programming section under php
  5. check your dates Albi; you're responding to a 10 month old post
  6. I took a quick glance at your site and this is what stood out to me: the header needs to be moved over about 10 pixels or so to the left so it will be even with the main section of your site. Also the naviagtion bar should be stretched out to match the length of the header (either that or center the navigation under the header). Also the left side of your main section needs some padding (the text is too close to the edge). I would also center your footer and use a smaller font size. Hope that helps.
  7. I'm not sure what the problem is (troubleshooting IE is never fun for me), however line 46 is missing a 's'; instead of .cs I believe it should be .css Maybe a css reset or normalize might work. I would be interested in the solution myself.
  8. it depends on your browser settings how the pdf download is handled.
  9. might have better luck in the php section
  10. Virtually all the web hosting companies will say they are the best. So just ask around; people whose opinions you trust. If this helps I have used hostgator in the past with no problems and I currently use hostmantis without any problems.
  11. once you place your website on a web hosting platform there is not much else you can do to protect yourself. That is why you should find a good web host so hopefully these types of attacks will be very few or none. of course it goes without saying that your website should be properly coded (e.g. javascript, php,etc.)
  12. if this has happened to you before you may want to try a different web hosting company
  13. 3 Ways to Preload Images with CSS, JavaScript, or Ajax
  14. width: auto; did you try changing the value of the width property?
  15. This will get you started.... php - programming language YUI - Javascript Framework Wordpress - CMS Wordpress Theme - MaxCDN v4 Wordpress Plugin - WP Minify Modernizr 2.6.2 -Javascript Framework jQuery 1.9.1 - Javascript Framework Google WebFonts
  16. AndrewS in the future try a service like http://codepen.io/ to place your code, if you don't have an actually website url to share. Codepen makes it easy to share your code with others when you need help. If at all possible we would like to see the code in the actual website; that is the best way (and easier way) to troubleshoot for any problems.
  17. The term “parallax” first came from the visual effect of 2D side scrolling videogames that used different background image movement speeds to create the illusion of depth during gameplay. This was generally done by making the background of the game move slower than the foreground in order to make it seem further away. This same concept applies to parallax site design in which the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for an impressive visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling. No new skills are needed; html,css,jquery, and javascript will work. Examples of parallax design
  18. This is done by creating a hot spot in the video which when moused over becomes clickable and can take the user to an external link. I personally have used Camtasia Studio for this
  19. http://www.designerledger.com/parallax-scrolling-tutorials/
  20. the site looks good; I like the fixes you made to the contact section. The only other suggestion I would have is if you could place a small icon of an arrow facing up after each section that would take the user back to the main menu; it would make the UX better.
  21. I came across this site and to say it is unusual is an understatement http://www.lingscars.com/ but the website itself is not what I found fascinating...it is the source code! Look at the page source directly under <title> ...tell me what you think? I've never seen that before!
  22. looking good. The linkedin link isn't working for me. In the contact area, you may want to line up the blue boxes next to the email, phone, and subject fields. Also you should add some javascript to make sure the fields are filled in before someone hits the submit button.
  23. this link has the scrolling effect http://bit.ly/1ahtziD this link does not http://bit.ly/17xVtoE I'm using FF 24 Windows 7
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