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  1. We're on Ready Hosting... Was initially set up by someone waaaaayyy more web savvy than i
  2. Are there any web host ratings? How do I know what host companies are good?
  3. So my page was infected on the host server? The host company ran a scan and gave a report of the infected files, these were cleaned up and reloaded but the problem remains. How do I debug this without having Dreamweaver (what the page was built using). Or what can I setup to copy and run our page from my machine. This is basically a one hit wonder. I don't need to become a guru or spend a lot of $, just want a basic site that displays properly, is safe and secure etc. thz
  4. Thanks Ben! I'll have a look. Also, how to protect from future infestations?
  5. Thanks Ben! I wasn't sure I could do that... us24meter.org if you Google that the top page is redirected to a clothing site if I type the URL in directly it shows up just fine...
  6. I have no web experience tho just went thru some of the tutorials here and I do have programming experience so not completely unfamiliar. The website for our sailing class association has been corrupted / hijacked and now when I do a Google or Bing (only ones I've tried) search, the main page comes up as a commerce site, (in Spanish), for clothes. If I type the web address directly it is fine. How do I correct this and prevent it from happening again? thx in advance! T
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