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  1. hers tcode /* Content ----------------------------------------------- */ body { font: $(body.font); color: $(body.text.color); background: $(body.background); } html body .region-inner { min-width: 0; max-width: 100%; width: auto; } .content-outer { font-size: 90%; } a:link { text-decoration:none; color: $(link.color); } a:visited { text-decoration:none; color: $(link.visited.color); } a:hover { text-decoration:underline; color: $(link.hover.color); } .content-outer { background: $(content.background); -moz-bor
  2. hi everyone im trying to change the width on my blog without any success. I cant seem to access the css file to change the appearance of the blogger blog. here is my blog address if anyone is interested in helping. http://dobelldesigns.blogspot.com.au/ thanks for chatting rusty
  3. heres the whole header php :S <?php //session_start(); ?> <?php $cryptinstall=TEMPLATEPATH."/scripts/crypt/cryptographp.fct.php"; include $cryptinstall; $_SESSION['cryptdir'] = get_template_directory_uri().'/scripts/crypt'; ?> <!DOCTYPE HTML> <!-- Delight is a Pixedelic work, by Consorzio Creativo on Wordpress platform | Manuel Masia (designer and developer) --> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<?php bloginfo( 'charset' ); ?>" > <title><?php global $page, $paged;
  4. hi, yeah well this header php is massive!!! BIG BIG BIG. as far as the splash page thing..... its just a portfolio. info central not needed i spose. i cant find the tags in the header and i dont wanna mess around with such a large script :S
  5. hi everyone , i am having trouble at removing the link in the header of my page. not to sure which part of this to touch to do it ..... :S bit hesitant to do it on the fly. here is the code for the header.. heres the link. my site <?php //session_start(); ?> <?php $cryptinstall=TEMPLATEPATH."/scripts/crypt/cryptographp.fct.php"; include $cryptinstall; $_SESSION['cryptdir'] = get_template_directory_uri().'/scripts/crypt'; ?> <!DOCTYPE HTML> <!-- Delight is a Pixedelic work, by Consorzio Creativo on Wordpress platform | Manuel Masia (designer and
  6. hi everyoe , i ve just found in my single blog posts that the website url is coming up on th etop. not to mention the post being totally messed up!!!! i think what is going on with the link is the problem but i dont know how to find it and i have checked all the php files and dont know what is wrong with the wordpress theme. it has only just started oin this . very annoying as i am trying to lauch it for my business. heres the link any help would most appreciated as i m not sure what is going on :S cheers rusty
  7. hi everyone got this new website nearly ready and want to stop the lightbox from activating when i click the facebook link and the twitter link. i was given a clue when someone said to qoute........Just delete these CSS classes from those images: > > <pre>alignnone size-full wp-image-1353</pre> > > These trigger the lightbox and other things you don't need now. but i m not that advanced to know where these bad boys are hiding :S heres the link........... http://www.aaronrussellphotography.com any help would be most bodacious thanks ru
  8. yes i can get in to it through using an ftp program. im not sure what to look for ..............
  9. hi everyone, i have just got a virus on my Wp webpage and i dont know how to get rid of it!?!?!?!?!?! it wont even let me access the page to look at it. Does anyone koe of how to get rid of this???? i have no idea cheers rusty
  10. ok, yeah i have been having trouble figutring out what this guy has put in there. thanks for your reply ben
  11. hi everyone im trying to change the alignment of the info below my post in my blogs section of my webpage. im not sure where to edit this code?? any help would be great My link heres the code /* ----------------------- BLOG PAGE -----------------------*/ .postbox h3 { margin-bottom: 10px; } /* Blog List */ ul#listlatestnews { } ul#listlatestnews li { margin-bottom: 20px; } .boximg-blog { margin-top: 5px; background: url(images/bgboximg.png) center no-repeat; width: 97px; height: 99px; float: left; margin-right: 10px; } .postbo
  12. hey everyone im looking to get rif of the contact form in my theme and replace it with my own contact for 7 plugin. heres is the code below but im not too sure what to edit in this instance :S cheers rusty <?php /* Template Name: Contact Form */ ?> <?php get_header();?> <?php $info_address = get_option('ecobiz_info_address'); $info_phone = get_option('ecobiz_info_phone'); $info_email= get_option('ecobiz_info_email'); $info_website = get_option('ecobiz_info_website'); $info_latitude = get_option('ecobiz_info_latitude') ? get_option('ecobiz_i
  13. hi everyone im tryig to fix another one of my blogs and have no idea how to do it..... if anyone can help that would be fantastico. Here is the following code: #footer { width:900px; float:center; border-top:1px dotted #ffffff; text-align:justify; padding:0px 0 0px 0; } footer php code is below: <div id="footer"> Melbourne, Southbank, Docklands, Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy, South Melbourne, Elwood, St Kilda, Mentone, Toorak, Brighton, Dandenong, Clayton, Caulfield, Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne, Keysbrough, Croydon, Montrose, Ringwood, Lilydale,
  14. ummmm which part of the code would be needed? sorry im new to this stuff :S
  15. hi everyone i am building a site for myself to put some of my photos up to show friends and the like...... i have just installed the fancy zoom plugin for my webpage. It is a photography website and i have pictures in pages i want to pop up for me. my problem is i dont want the the image when clicked to goto the post. I just want the pic to be zoomed in on. can anyone help me possibly?? cheers rustyhands
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