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  1. there's a system i know of called "Ajax 4 five star rating" and using Ajax/Php/Mysql.. heres the link Link 1: http://masugadesign.com/the-lab/scripts/unobtrusive-ajax-star-rating-bar/ But i would say you can use this for a more acute rating http://nofunc.org/AJAX_Star_Rating/
  2. Change header( "Location: http://www.mysite.com/contactthanks.html\"); to if(!headers_sent()){ header("Location: /contactthanks.html"); exit(); }
  3. I have wave account and willing to give them away, just PM me
  4. you might want to look into the php zip class that comes in PHP5... this way you can loop all your images and the output a zip file containing your images
  5. a simple referer check in php would work or if there already using a stats program they will be able to see.. on every outbound link to the checkout just add a variable to the URI for e.g. http://www.store.com/product/87/dome-product-name/?referrer=mysite.com then they can filter there tracking by the referrer variable and see how many times that url has been open with the value of mysite.com
  6. The least i could do was secure it and neaten it up for you.. hate to see code like this... <?php mysql_connect('localhost','bcheight_mbdc','frog123'); mysql_select_db('bcheight_mbdc'); $s = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['s']); $result = mysql_query(sprintf("SELECT * FROM after_school_services WHERE Student_name = '%%%s%%'",$s)); $Data = ""; while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){ $Data .= sprintf( '%s Student Id: %s Student Name: %s D.O.B.: %s Sex: %s Grade: %s Class Room: %s Teacher: %s Parent\'s Name: %s Language: %s Home Number: %s Work Number: %s Cell
  7. Heres my version you can use Key-Features: Simple OOP Plain-Text OR Html Formatted Use both Plain-Text and Html to help with unsupported clients Able to add attachments of any sort Based on PHP-Mail Multiple Recipients in one batch Built for "Php Newbies" Available on PhpClasses for download Some Usage Smaples Simple Plain text <?php //Include the emailer class include 'Emailer.class.php'; //Load the Emailer class into a variable $Emailer = new Emailer; //Setup where and where from the message is being sent. $Emailer->set_to("some_email@some_domain.tld"); $Em
  8. Your webserver is bot set up to auoload .swf files as indexable.... you need to create a html document called index.htlm and within there place the embed code for the flash object/video
  9. theres a script called opencart.... and in there libary they have a PHP5 class for sending emails and its not built into the open cart system.. meaning you can just take the file and use it in other scripts that has attachment support
  10. You should use the force http header commend for content disposition <?php $link=mysql_connect("localhost","root",""); if(!$link) { die("could not connect:".mysql_error()); } mysql_select_db("media",$link); $que="select imageBlob from images where imageId=10"; $ret=mysql_query($que)or die("Invalid query: " . mysql_error()); $data = mysql_result($ret, 0); header("Content-type: image/jpeg"); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="image.jpg"'); header('Content-Length: '.strlen($data)); echo $data; mysql_close($link); ?> shoul
  11. Heya everyone, First of all i would just like to thank Stephan for the hard work and dedication he puts into Killer..... throughout the entire www its hard to discover PHP at its greatest potential, and Stephan is the only person i know who can explain PHP more in depth, So thanks for what your Tutorials/Tips/Videos etc.. Highly appreciated. __________________________________________________________________ Introduction What you will learning to day is how to create a registry type of system for your "Framworke/Website" and how it will help you to manage all of your objects.
  12. also you should load your images from a cascading style sheet, by using on page change the images reload but if you use css they will be catched and your site will load much faster!
  13. make sure in your robots.txt or headers that you are disallowing google ips or hosts.
  14. maybe the theme developer created the theme for a blog that has the login system disabled!. you should look into the wordpress help & support section and there will be some to show you what code to use and where to place it within your template files
  15. i have the php help docs on my desktop at all times also w3schools is the best in my case, use php to lookup on your functions and what there used for and then use w3schools for examples of the functions.
  16. try adding this css to the ul element left:50% and add this css to the li elements right:50%
  17. i worked for a company that used it a while back and i took on some further development on the security and there wasnt any bugs that i spotted.. i think it was the gold version we had on our servers.... we was never hacked/injected/exploited so it should be pretty good
  18. if the data is is an array you could serialize it and post it the next domain or if you are using the same mysql database on both domains you could develop a mysql session tracker.. just ideas
  19. try placing the ul element withing div and the css the div for text align center
  20. heya, if i understand you correctly this is what id do, index.php contains 2 divs in menu div id have > </pre> <ul> United States Canada Mexico </ul> and within the leftbar i would do <?php $allowed = array("ca","us","mx"); $location = $_GET['location']; if( in_array( $location , $allowed ) ){ if(file_exists($location.".php")){ $file = $location.".php"; include "$file"; }else{ include "us.php"; } } ?> this way when you click a menu on your left bar it will be sent to the url and
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