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  1. http://jetpack.me/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-facebook-connect/
  2. on #page put margin: 0 auto; take out the other margin you have in there. Corinne
  3. Corinne

    Firefox 3.6

    I have also had problems with Firefox on my mac and am also using Chrome a lot more.
  4. I tried and after a minute I gave up...... Minneapolis, MN Corinne
  5. " I am still so much on the learning curve where would I put "And overflow visible and height 1% for ie6"? I will add overflow:hidden to the nav div Can't we just blow IE up Corinne
  6. Thanks Eric.... I forgot to float it left. So wrapped in a div and float left worked Corinne
  7. I am just about finished redesigning a friends site I did a few years ago and I noticed the footer. This is simple I know but for the life of me I can't get it to work. The <p> that is floated right in my footer is pushed below the footer in IE7 (banging my head). Thank you for taking the time to look, Corinne Helps if I include link http://t est.tris tark9.com/
  8. Susan if you use !important it works....probably not what you were looking for, i just looked quickly I need to do a couple things and then I can look closer.
  9. Nucoder I took your advice and added a little palm leaf in the left corner and increased width a little....if you and Susie get a chance to look, do you think this looks better?
  10. Thanks...I will play around with it a little more.
  11. I was trying to stay away from webdesign, I am just not good at it (I love doing it but i suck). I work for a travel agency and they have been bugging me to do a website for them....so here I am and I need help. I can't come up with a nice header I have changed it so many times. They want the lettering you see and there will be a banner to the right that will be changing from time to time. The length will stay the same but the width can be a bit bigger. I know the column(s) heading colors do not match the back ground I will change that when I finally decide on a background color and a header, I did just have a solid blue in the header I then thought I would try this....ugh. Any suggestions I am not real good with photoshop
  12. Thank you Ben!!! It was the permission that needed to be changed and I must not have been doing it correctly. Thanks Ben for getting it to work!! Corinne
  13. Ben I will send you an email......Thank you, and thank you Stefan for trying to help me!! Corinne
  14. Hey Stefan If you get a chance could you look at my last post. Thank you, Corinne
  15. I tried to change permission that did not work. This is also the error Warning: rename(/home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/uploads/amy_einna.jpg,/home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/images/kozies_german_shepherds/german_shepherd_puppies/amy_einna.jpg) [function.rename]: Permission denied in /home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/admin/plog-admin-functions.php on line 94 Would I go in the admin-function file and change something around line 94......I looked and there is a 777 on about line 82 would that need to be changed to 755 ? Here is some of the script down to about line 100: <?php function get_files($directory) { // Try to open the directory if($dir = opendir($directory)) { // Create an array for all files found $tmp = Array(); // Add the files while($file = readdir($dir)) { // Make sure the file exists if($file != "." && $file != ".." && $file[0] != '.') { // If it's a directiry, list all files within it if(is_dir($directory . "/" . $file)) { $tmp2 = get_files($directory . "/" . $file); if(is_array($tmp2)) { $tmp = array_merge($tmp, $tmp2); } } else if (is_readable($directory . "/" . $file)) { $filename = basename(stripslashes($file)); $pi = pathinfo($file); if (is_allowed_extension($pi["extension"])) { array_push($tmp, $directory . "/" . $file); } } } } // Finish off the function closedir($dir); return $tmp; } } function add_picture($album_id,$tmpname,$filename,$caption,$desc) { global $config; $filename_parts = explode(".",strrev($filename),2); $filename_base = strrev($filename_parts[1]); $filename_ext = strrev($filename_parts[0]); $result = array( 'output' => '', 'picture_id' => false, ); $i = 0; $unique_filename_base = strtolower(sanitize_filename($filename_base)); // now get the name of the collection $sql = "SELECT c.path AS collection_path, c.id AS collection_id, a.path AS album_path, a.id AS album_id FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."albums a, ".TABLE_PREFIX."collections c WHERE c.id = a.parent_id AND a.id = '$album_id'"; $sql_result = run_query($sql); $albumdata = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql_result); // this shouldn't happen in normal cases if (empty($albumdata)) { $result['errors'] .= plog_tr('No such album!'); return $result; } $dest_album_name = SmartStripSlashes($albumdata["album_path"]); $dest_collection_name = SmartStripSlashes($albumdata["collection_path"]); $create_path = $dest_collection_name."/".$dest_album_name; while (is_file('../images/'.$create_path."/".$unique_filename_base . "." . $filename_ext)){ $unique_filename_base = $filename_base . " (" . ++$i .")"; } $final_filename = $unique_filename_base . "." . $filename_ext; // final fully qualified file name $final_fqfn = $config["basedir"].'images/'.$create_path.'/'.$final_filename; if (!makeDirs($config['basedir'].'images/'.$create_path, 0777)) { $result['errors'] .= sprintf(plog_tr('Could not create directory %s!'),$create_path); return $result; }; if (is_uploaded_file($tmpname)) { if (!move_uploaded_file($tmpname,$final_fqfn)) { $result['errors'] .= sprintf(plog_tr('Could not move uploaded file! %s to %s'),$tmpname,$final_fqfn); return $result; } } else if (!rename($tmpname,$final_fqfn)) { $result['errors'] .= sprintf(plog_tr('Could not move file! %s to %s'),$tmpname,$final_fqfn); return $result; }; @unlink($tmpname); $res = chmod($final_fqfn, 0755);
  16. Yes' date=' that's exactly it - change the folder permissions and you should be OK. If you have CPANEL it is easy to do with the File Manager. Stefan[/quote'] Thank you stefan!!!!!!! What should I change it to it is 777 do I need to change it to 755? "I went into cpanel and the upload file is 755 (i tried )777 and I also went into the upload file and changed each picture to 777 and tried 755 and I still got the same error: Make sure to CHMOD 777 your newly created folders within the uploads directory or else Plogger cannot access them. Plogger cannot CHMOD the directory for you while PHP is in safe mode. Ugh.........
  17. Ok...on a friends site they are using a plogger gallery. I have asked on the forum but did not get a answer that helped or I would get no answer. I am trying to upload some photos to the gallery and am getting errors. So I found a new way to upload photos by ftp into a upload file. But when I try to put them into the appropriate gallery I get an error also, it is different than the other error: Make sure to CHMOD 777 your newly created folders within the uploads directory or else Plogger cannot access them. Plogger cannot CHMOD the directory for you while PHP is in safe mode. Do I need to change permission of the upload file? I don't want to mess this up. Thank you for any help, Corinne The other error when I would log in to plogger and try to import the files was this error : Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/images/kozies_german_shepherds/german_shepherd_puppies/photo2.jpg) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/admin/plog-admin-functions.php on line 88 Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move '/tmp/php86cPy3' to '/home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/images/kozies_german_shepherds/german_shepherd_puppies/photo2.jpg' in /home/kozies/public_html/GSDPhotos/admin/plog-admin-functions.php on line 88
  18. I am glad to be part of this forum......and the new forum looks great!!!!!!!
  19. Hi everyone...... I just wanted to thank everyone for all there help over the last year!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help us with our silly questions. I really do appreciate it. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Corinne
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