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    PHP pagination

    what that snippet of code is doing is reading the contents of the Folder and skipping the ones you do not wish to show (because they are on earlier pages). Once the correct number of images has been reviewed, (and ignored), the script resets the counter and displays the next page of images. It uses the $counter to seek the spot to begin displaying the pages.
  2. Your 2008 file needs a float: left and a width set for the #left_column see the 2009 file for details
  3. You can 'Park" the extra domains onto the main account to have the same pages served. Or use an "Add-on" domain to offer different content for the extra domains. It creates a sub-domain for the other domains which handles the pages from a different folder on the account. Either way, if your Hosting account allows for Parked/Add-on Domains, then you might be able to get away with a single Hosting account. (assuming the bandwidth is allowed)
  4. jlhaslip

    PHP pagination

    That snippet is used to have the script bypass/skip the first batch of images when you are not on page one. $skip is the number of images that it should bypass. It reads the images in a directory and uses the $count variable to compare to the $skip variable. When $count equals $skip, the Images you want to display are the next ones in the Directory.
  5. php scripting can do that. Use the date/time functions and echo the contents according to the time of day.
  6. On your front page, create some links to your inner pages so that you get better click ratio.
  7. There are 144 errors on that page. 'nuf said... http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fvgt-central.com%2F
  8. jlhaslip


    Validated code is no guarantee of cross browser compatibility. Describe the problems you are having so others can review your page. Without a description, we can only guess what you want the page to look like. You will be well served to have a strict doctype and probably HTML 4.01 is better than xhtml to begin with. Design your page so it looks good in Firefox and then adjust the CSS for IE using IE Conditional Comments. There is help on Google re: IE conditional comments. or check back here if you need help.
  9. Don't let me scare you too much... It really depends on the database of ISP's and such. To get good data will cost you money to purchase and update the information which could change daily. I am not aware of a 'free' database of IP numbers to use.
  10. Assuming that you have a Geo-location Database available, PHP can be used to determine their location. At least the location of their ISP, which is not entirely trustworthy. I have a Forum which is 99% Canadian users, but the stats for that site show 85% US users, so if you use the available log information, you may be surprised by the results. Maybe the way to handle it would be to give the user the choice of which set of events they wish to view?
  11. What is on line 15? Or better yet, post the full page code, please. There must be nothing (even a blank space) sent to the Browser before the header(), or that error results. Check in your included/required files as well. *edit* Wrap the entire page in an ob_start() function to avoid a leak to the browser. http://php.net/manual/en/function.ob-start.php
  12. Try using a bottom border on the element instead of an to see if the warnings go away. I think they will.
  13. by using an anchor tag to swap pages. link
  14. $getstickets = mysql_query( "SELECT * FROM `sticket` WHERE `username` = '$session->username'" ); $result = mysql_query($getstickets); $ticks = mysql_num_rows($result); echo $ticks; try that
  15. looks like a simple on-hover effect to change the text colour. try a:hover to style them. unless I misunderstand the question??? exactly what effect is it that you prefer? can you please be more descriptive of the effect? thanks.
  16. Which text editor are you using and does it allow you to select the encoding for the file? Select utf-8 without BOM when you save it.
  17. The #header div has a set height of 200px and giving the h1 too much margin-top will force the h1 margin above the overall height allowed for the #header div. The #header cannot contain all the stuff you have added, (img, h1, h2, etc), so it expands upwards.
  18. The Comment block should be fine there. /* * This is the main page comment block. * This page includes the configuration file, * the templates, and any content-specific modules. */ Single line comments are the double slash. Echo the value of $sent right after the mail function to see what it contains. Do you have errors set to display?
  19. Notepad will work as a text editor, b ut there are better ones available for free. Check out the Forum Topics for a Topic discussing the various Editors. I used ConText Editor when I was on Windows. Google it. Once you have created a 'web page', you use your web browser to open it to see the results of your efforts.
  20. A link won't work. The code is needed since there is php involved.
  21. It appears there might be an issue with the time settings here on the Forum. I just adjusted my Profile Settings so that the Forum time is correct. Is the Server time okay with everyone else? My settings are off by one timezone. I physically exist in GMT -7, but the Forum needs to be set to GMT -6 to display the correct time. Has anyone else noticed this?
  22. Where are you getting the values from? a database look-up? or a form submission? an array of values? Are the values defined in your code before you use them in this snippet? When the client first uses the form, before the submission, are there default values set? You should be using an 'if' statement to confirm the value isset() before attempting to echo them. The 'if' can be where you have the php snippet now.
  23. For html output, use a tag. For the source code, use "\n" without the quotes.
  24. Survey completed. Check my note re: Q#3 and Q#4's answer being a 'required' answer.
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