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  1. haha, replying to my own thread so it doesn't get lost among the dead threads. Can you guys give me any tips that would improve the look of my site? Right now, I personally feel as though it does not have enough images on it, but images shouldn't be everything, either. I'm just saying it looks a little plain to me. But I'm always getting good feedback from people I somewhat know saying it looks very professional. I'm still not liking it too much, though. Anyway, I already know about the ionisis image breaking the sponsor box. I'm in the middle of fixing that right now, as it shows up fine on Firefox on Windows, but is too high in IE, and too low on firefox on Linux. rofl~ I hate that.
  2. On the right column, it looks like the headers are closer to the paragraphs above them than below them. Actually, after refreshing a few times, I see the content changes randomly to fill a set area, so that it is only looking the way I described sometimes, and not every time. The layout itself looks good, though. Other than that, it looks like a lot of the texts are pictures. This probably makes the page load a little slower (at least for people with slower connections anyway). You might want to think about just making the text actual text instead of images.
  3. Looks pretty good to me. Good colors and design. Sometimes it looks a little crowded, but I think that's a problem a lot of us have (especially me). But the site really does look good.
  4. The site looks great. And I see you've already used webmachine's tip, which really is a good idea. Nice site.
  5. The new site doesn't even show up for me. Says the page does not exist...
  6. I like the colors, but I think they layout is messed up for me. It seems as if you have the right column, with the button links, lining up with the sections on the left (some buttons for the first h1 section, 2 buttons for the second h1 section, and 3 buttons for the third h1 section). But the second set of buttons does not line up with the second h1 section. I'm not positive it's supposed to, but it looks like it's supposed to. Just letting you know it's not for me.
  7. It's not bad, but the white areas are really eye-pulling. That's not a bad thing since it is your content area, but there are too many white areas that all seem to fight for your attention. I've been thinking of how to put that for a while, now. lol~ Check it out and see if it happens to you, too.
  8. To be honest, it looks just like a web template that SMC offers for their members to sell stuff online (though only the images, and not the actual content/layout you have). But besides that, it is not displaying right for me. I'm using Firefox 3.5.4, and all of the content is squished up against the left. Let me know if you can't check it on this version of Firefox and I will upload a screenshot of what it looks like. You'll have to PM me the request, though, as I may not check this again due to forgetfulness.
  9. Hi everyone. I would like some feedback on http://vgt-central.com for it's layout. Thanks to anyone who leaves me good critique. James
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