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  1. I got that same advice about the logo and title. I'm guessing that my average visitor will also not like it, so i will be changing it. Thanx!
  2. Ok, i come up with a new design approach for this new subdomain that i hope is more contemporary. I don't really like it, but others seem to favor it over the original design. I miss the original design... What do you guys think? http://lawfirm.ionisis.com/ I am, notoriously, NOT a designer. Period. So i cannot understand what the competition is doing right, that i am doing wrong. I spent a day examining their sites, and i noticed that they had some common traits: *) Almost NO text on the page! A paragraph, maybe two, 4 short paragraphs at the most. *) A LOT of images! I hate images, and feel that they clutter up the real content.... *) "ORDER NOW!", All over the page. That seems like you are harassing the visitor, to me..... As you can tell, i'm obviously not much for marketing either. So i am trying a new combination of page elements: *) A SINGLE image (not a whole bunch of them), that attempts to quickly convey what the site is for, and what to do next *) A reasonable amount of text, to explain the same *) Some sample images (probably not the best idea, the way i'm doing it, though...) So, i'm gathering feedback on this approach, and i'm running it for a couple of weeks to see where it gets me... I just KNOW that there is a magic combination of on page elements that will catch and keep the user's interest and confidence. I just wish i could figure out what the heck that combination is! Until then, it's trial and error. Thanx!
  3. Ha, i think that i've finally got a good design, and to make things better, i have my entire portfolio up now. What do you guys think: http://design.ionisis.com/?a=SELF_Portfolio Thanx
  4. Ok, so i've been around here for over 6 months; i've got 24 posts; i've given 3 times the advice in posts than i have posted for myself; i'm obviously not a robot; yet, i can't have a link to my site, even despite the fact that it's being nofollowed? But yet, other people with less posts and newer to the forum are allowed to have links? No wonder Stephan's sites are going down hill. You can delete this post --and my account.
  5. @ Susie: Thanks, and that is strange too! I only use FF (FF/Linux), and i JUST got finished testing with Chrome and IE... hmmmmmm........ Hey Susie, are you telling your FF browser NOT to send the HTTP_REFERER string? If so, that's why you're not getting any style
  6. My display is 1680x1050 . I am currently experimenting with a new design as we speak . I like full fluid layouts, but there's something wrong with this one . I actually just finished fixing a layout issue with the drop down menu, but the acronyms is a good point too, thanx. I rewrite urls all the time, and our WCMS/UFMS also does its own canonicalization. I actually wrote that url like that on purpose (SEO). Yeah, i crawl other people's sites as well as our own, and you can search our index to find what we may or may not have. This is only a prototype and has a long way to go before it will become a REAL search engine. The purpose of that project was to develop a better engine, because i see how the big engines are allowing bogus content to slip through, so as i get free time to work out algorithms, i try to get better results. Because that is so much of a "back-burner" type of project, i don't even cache results, or make a big deal of it. For now, from a user standpoint, it is nothing more than a "convenience" for the websites that happen to be allowed into the index. Hell, i don't even bother collecting search stats yet.....
  7. Ok, i was trying to take the design and change it to go in a new and more ergonomic direction, but i feel that i have failed. I love the menu, but the rest of the page doesn?t really seem to flow with it, and so i just wanted to know what others think. The design is based off of the main website?s design direction: http://se o.ionisi s.c om [remove spaces] Thanx!
  8. The website is simple and clean, which is good, but it is not aesthetically pleasing, and you are severely suffering from a lack of SEO. Get rid of that flash menu!
  9. AH!!!!!!!! It's left justified!!!!!!!!!! Stop that! Other than that, your website's graphics don't really flow well, but at least they are clean. Also, you're using the wrong keywords for the website's SEO.
  10. I love it . It's simple, clean, soft, and friendly (everything i'm not!). The only thing that really bugged me was the lack of any style being applied to the top menu links.
  11. Ok, sorry, i changed the domain name. Now it is http://Men opauseH otFlashesTreatm ent.com [remove spaces]
  12. Alright, i've cranked out another website, and i kinda like the design . I'm a long time fan of this band, and now i'm their official webmaster. The site and content is still under construction, but the design is finished, for the most part: http://viol entw orkofart.com [remove spaces] Thanx!
  13. I've got a tip for you: get rid of the solid white border! Lmmfao!
  14. Ok, i just did this new website at http://f lash-e ez.com [remove spaces] and i'm not too happy with it, and was wondering what others thought. Thanx!
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