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  1. Alright, got it, thanks.
  2. Ah, sorry, I figured out my problem. See, I keep my html files in a folder outside of my wamp folder. When I FTP, I prefer to only work within my html folder, so what I did was I took my wamp wwww folder and shortcutted it into my html folder. That way, everything is together in one folder and I don't have to go back and forth between directories that are kind of far apart from each other. Well, I just figured out that fireFTP isn't able to handle shortcuts. It can't recognize them. I assumed the reason I couldn't ftp my www folder was because of the nature of a wamp www folder, rather than realize it was just the fact that I shortcutted my www folder, which fireFTP doesn't like. Hope that made sense. Anyways, I still don't like how when I ftp that i have to jump between folders between my php files and html files, it's cumbersome. A solution might be just to move my folder of html work (+ images and stuff) into the wamp www folder. I'll give that a try, see if I like it.
  3. Alright, so I made a new design, this time being more disciplined with my colors, obeying harmony laws, picking a color scheme with my program. Here is is: www.corewebworks.com
  4. I might be missing something obvious here, or maybe my problems are due to the fact I use the firefox addon "FireFTP" to do my FTPing, i'm not sure. Basically, I'm creating and saving my PHP files in the www directory of WAMP. But when I go to do the FTP, I flash up FireFTP and I try to coordinate the from folder on my computer to the to folder on my server, but the www directory doesn't seem to exist on my computer, so I can't transfer it over. I suppose when I'm saving my files in the www directory, I'm actually saving them in on the local host server? I can't do the typical transfer of files from my computer over to my server. So what I've been doing is after I'm done working on my php files, I copy and paste them over to a directory on my computer, and then I do the FTP. But this is kind of awkward, surely there is a better way! I was thinking perhaps there was a way to make it so that a file can exist in two different folders at once? Meaning, everytime I save a file in wamp's www, the same file simultaneously gets saved in another folder on my computer so that when it comes time to FTP, everything is ready. Thanks, hope that wasn't too confusing.
  5. Thank you for your honesty, Falken. I am going to start from scratch and stick with two to three colors, as suggested. I will experiment with the logo a bit as well. The coding issues were something I was aware of, and I plan on figuring out how to make the elements stay put when the screen sized is changed.
  6. Hello, I just finished a mock up, and I showed my girlfiriend, and she wasn't very enthusiastic at all. The only thing she seems to like is the logo. She doesn't seem to really like anything else. She said she definitely doesn't like the blue panel to the right, with the roots above it. Her problem is with the colors, in general. Here, take a look: www.corewebworks.com What do you think of the site overall? Is it that bad? Please be as honest as possible, and be sure to tell me exactly all the things you don't like. I'm especially curious to hear what you think of the roots of the tree (or the reflection of the tree, it could be interpreted either way). Also, I want to hear what you think about the colors.
  7. Wordpress can do that? Sweet. So I'll go with that then, thanks.
  8. Ok, so I recently signed up to blogger.com. I found a template I kinda like, but I want to edit it quite substantially. So I noticed the customization option, I clicked on layout, and then clicked "edit html". I downloaded the xml file. I opened it in dreamweaver, and when I look it over, the code all appears to make sense. But when I preview the code in firefox, it doesn't work. For a second I thought this might have been because I had to run the file through WAMP, but that didn't fix it either. Can anyone here help me with this?
  9. Hello, I have put together a basic submission form on my website. Here, take a look: www.ahiweb.ca/book.html I am using Dreamweavers client side validation tool, but it won't work. I am clicking on behaviors, I click the + sign, I validate each form field, I can see the javascript generated in my code. But when I enter an incorrect email address when i fill out my form, the form processes itself as if everything was ok. Anyone know why this is happening? heheh, and here I thought it was implementing recaptcha that would cause me the difficulty. That actually went quite smooth.
  10. So how much xtra work and knowledge will it be to add server side validation? I don't mind learning new stuff, but I'm looking for a good walk through tutorial. Can anyone recommend me one? The reason I want server side validation is because for the past year I used Dreamweavers client side validation tools (which I assume generates java script), but it hasn't worked very well, I get nonsense form submissions way too often. Some program fills in a bunch of nonesense in my fields, and then somehow bypasses the validation and I get a bunch of crap. I want to avoid this.
  11. Here's a demo of my site: www.ahiweb.ca/demo1/book.html ^ I have a php script which processes the info that is inputed into the form elements of my html page. How much extra work and knowledge is it to tack on whatever code is required for server side validation? Can anyone recommend me any tutorials that can help me with this? I did google searches, but the tutorials I've found are very opaque, and none of them have any videos.
  12. So I'm all finished Jon's tutorial on making a php shopping cart, and am now in the process of customizing the shopping cart system to fit the catalog of certain business I am helping a friend with. My problem is that the xml catalog seems to only display horizontally across the page, but I need to make a line break, or else the items will look crammed together. Does anyone here know what tag to use to make a line break? I tried both and , but neither work. I did some google searches, and some others have asked this same question, but the suggestions people are making (something about /n) are not working for me. Thanks! - Cory PS: here is what the code looks like that I want to break up into separate lines. Dried Tomatoes Tomatoes blah test alpha beta carrot 2.00 Dried Apples Apples blah test alpha beta carrot 2.00 Mango Mango blah test alpha beta carrot 2.00 Orange Orange blah test alpha beta carrot 2.00 Orange Orange blah test alpha beta 2.00
  13. So I was talking to Jon via email, and apparently my difficulty is due to my not knowing something important: When you create your paypal button, you have to uncheck the option for "Save Button At PayPal" in Step 2. The result of doing this is that a "remove code protection" link will display, and by clicking that link, you end up getting the business value info in your button code. Just thought I'd summarize the solution just in case some other person gets stuck on this.
  14. Hi again all, I'm having a bit of difficulty again. I notice in Jon's tutorial (vid 12) that the paypal button code he generates includes the pair (name=business) which has the value SSS_xxxxxxx The paypal button that I am generating with my sandbox account does not include the "name/business/SSS_xxxxx" code. This is problematic, because I'm at the 7:10min mark in video12 where Jon shows us how to "pull out the business value". My button code does not include any business value information! Here's what my button code looks like: I'd really be grateful for any help any of you can give on this matter, and I'm guessing it will be those who are experienced with the paypal developer/sandbox who will be able to help. Thanks, Cory
  15. Yes, it worked! I've been driving myself crazy all day trying to find the problem, I can't believe I overlooked that. Thank you so much, Falken, it's such a relief to get this resolved.
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