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  1. If he only has one product to sell why not just use Paypal?
  2. virtual


    You have to physically turn Mamp on, otherwise it will not work. Go to Applications - Mamp - MAMP and double click to open, then "Start Servers". You can then click on "open start page" to see if it works. It will probably ask you to enter your computer password. It is a good idea to drag Mamp to your dock, so that it is more easily accessible to turn off and on. Also note that the following is missing the p from http:// htt://localhost/demosites/wordpress/wp-admin It may be just a typo on the forum, but you never know....
  3. virtual

    Firefox 3.6

    I'm on Mac 10.5.8 and I don't have many addons - Firebug, MeasureIt, Colorzilla and Web Developper Toolbar.
  4. virtual

    Firefox 3.6

    I'm on 8, but having terrible problems with Firefox for some time now. The only reason I keep it is because I'm so used to Firebug and MeasureIt. It won't open mailto links, slows down and gets stuck making my hard drive spin, only solution is to Force Quit it. I have to remember to close it down every day so that it doesn't hang. It used to be the best browser around, but now I'm not so keen on it.
  5. It's a hard world out there and jobs are very hard to find even for highly qualified people. Your portfolio and it is a little old fashioned design wise and code wise, some of your sites use tables for layout. In this market, a prospective employer is more interested in a Wow portfolio than a college degree, and will look at the front end for design and the back end for code and will eventually employ the cream of the crop at unfortunately cut throat salaries. I would suggest getting experience with Wordpress (very much in demand these days) and of course PHP. Also try offering web wo
  6. Clearing a float by whatever method is not a bug. When you float a div you take it out of the regular flow (it's floating in the air, so not physically occuping space on the page) so basically you need to clear it so that whatever follows will display where you are expecting it to. I hope that makes sense. It's just something that becomes automatic after a while. Tables are used for information that is presented like a spreadsheet and not for layout purposes, which is the purpose of a floated div.
  7. Take the width off your body tag. On section tag replace margin-left: 120px with margin: 0 auto. Define .container in your css, give it width of 900px and center it with margin: 0 auto, then push it down into the container with padding-top: 20px. Not sure if that is the look you want.
  8. Looks like you are going to have to change the width of all the ul#nav li a tags, and they each have a class, eg ul#nav li a.home. Is this a Genesis template?
  9. I can't recommend any books as they become outdated in this business very quickly, and I no longer buy them. I find all my information and tutorials online. If you have not found want you need here, you could try lynda.com.
  10. So I found it on a wordpress.org forum: To disable any parent item in WordPress 3.0 Menu: 1) Be sure you have activated the link target in the options menu on your menu page 2) Insert a custom link with no matter what link 3) select the just created custom link. click on the dropdown link on the top right side. 4) delete the link from the URL field 5) done
  11. I thought I had figured it out, but I was wrong. Anyone have any ideas??
  12. Hi All, I have run into this problem several times with Wordpress and never really found the solution. I do not want the top level links with a drop downs to be a link to an actual page. So to remedy this my idea was to not create a page but use a custom link with # instead of the page name e.g. http://mysite.com/#/ This works fine as long as I am not on the home page, which opens to http://mysite.com/. On the home page I now have both links highlighted as active. How can I achieve this without the second link showing active? Thanks
  13. Thanks to your help Ben, I managed to get the pagination to work. I'm not very impressed with the StudioPress help forum, I got no help whatsoever from them.
  14. Thanks for your reply Ben, I tried Studio Press first of course, but they say the question is beyond the scope of their forum and to hire some to customize, but I'm trying to learn how to do all this myself. I will take a look at the pagination plugins. So for future reference, does the code I replaced reduce the number of images to 10, because I have set blog pages to show 10 posts? And could you please explain why this statement is used <?php $recent = new WP_Query etc.. instead of the regular wp loop. Thanks
  15. I am customizing a wordpress template running on Genesis and have run into a problem. My client wants the home page to paginate and I am having some difficulty doing it. The Gallery page code is <div class="homepage-gallery"> <?php $recent = new WP_Query(array('cat' => genesis_get_option('gallery_cat'), 'showposts' => genesis_get_option('number_images'))); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?> <div class="polaroid-bg"> <div class="boxgrid slidedown"> <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php genes
  16. virtual

    IE7 problem

    Dumb me, all it needed was href added to the a tag.
  17. virtual

    IE7 problem

    Hi Guys, I moved this over from the Jquery section, because it is now a CSS problem. Can anyone tell me why the rollovers are not appearing in IE7?? I'm going nuts here... LINK Thanks
  18. Thanks Eddie, that's a lot of work, I tried it with CSS only and it works but not in IE7.
  19. Hi Guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with a Jquery tooltip I am trying to implement in certain browsers/platforms. The tooltips do not show at all in Firefox either PC or Mac and they do not show in Safari on PC. Any ideas? The page is HERE This is a site I inherited so please excuse the terrible code and tables which were not of my doing, it's a nightmare to work with. Thanks for any advice
  20. I was asking myself the same question. I use Flash but only for it's video compressing qualities. I haven't seen if Edge is capable of doing that.
  21. I much prefer the white background over the stripes, they make the site look dated.
  22. I guess my client must have been messing around in the back end, I deleted everything and added the image again. Now it works but the Fancybox doesn't. Ay Caramba!!!
  23. Hi All, I'm having a little trouble with Fancybox plugin for Wordpress. The gallery works just fine and so does the link to the image from a post excerpt, but if I go to the actual post the image no longer shows. I can see that the link from the post to the image is not the same as the link from the post excerpt to the image but I am at a loss to figure out why or how to change this. Any ideas? You can see what I mean at this site The picture of the trout is linked but if you click on the post title, the image disappears from the post.
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