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  1. Last year I graduated a website designer/developer program at college, and I haven't been able to get hired at any company yet and I'm hoping I can get some advice on how I can get a job in the industry. A little background on me: I mentioned I graduated from a program (with honours, if that even matters) from a major College in my city. I have about 9 pretty decent websites in my portfolio, worked with several clients and would say that I'm an expert in HTML and CSS. I have a pretty solid understanding of Javascript, Flash, Actionscript, Design (in general and websites specifically), SEO, website usability, photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver. My PHP and MYSQL game could use some improvement but thats something I'm working on. So what can I do to help me get a job, even if it was an entry level junior position. Do I need more experience? Do I need to learn other languages like AJAX or XML (or anything else for that matter?). What specifically do I need to know? What qualities do these companies look for in an individual? Any advice anyone could give would be much appreciated!
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