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  1. Thanks, will check out lynda.com More than enough info here on Killersites. Great community. Pete
  2. Hi All. My name is Pete. I am from England, but currently living in New York. I have been working my way through the Killersites University. Excellent. Pretty much sums it up. Thanks Stefan. Excellent tutorials. My reason for wanting to learn web design is quite simple. I have run 2 successful Blogs in the last 2 years. Played a little with the markup and CSS. Never really understood it though. It was time to get my act together and learn, Wordpress is as they say, a gift from the gods. So my goal is to learn to create child themes for Bloggers. Now I have a question. Can anyone recommend some good reference books covering HTMl/5 CSS/3 also java and PHP. I am looking for books to keep at my side during this learning curve. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance Pete
  3. Hi, I would recommend coming up with a unique name for your blog. Using your own name is for a personal blog. As Ben has pointed out already, when it gets popular it will be easier to attract guest bloggers. Also, consider it's saleability, if you use your own name, it will be hard to sell. If you have a unique name associated with web design then you will be able to put a much higher value on it. If that is something you would consider. Selling in the future that is. Just as a note: I sold a blog about blogging for $12,000 about 4 months ago. So it is worth considering. ( I am a blogger, but useless with HTML,CSS,PHP. Hence the reason for me being here.) Secondly. A good Blog is one that creates it's own original content. Not nicking it from others. Borrow ideas, no problem. Do not steal, it is plagiarism, and you will get caught. Good Luck Pete
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