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  1. You can also check with local non-profit organizations. You can even talk to your friends or neighbors that are starting a new business. Bartering is good way to get started as well.
  2. Either way will work. Just keep in mind that you don't want the search engines to index the temp url. My suggestion is to use a robot.txt file to disallow search engines from indexing the pages.
  3. Hi Eric, I don't have a whole lot of time but I would suggest that you start a post for each categories and then make them as stickies. The type of posts should be something like tips or articles that will give helpful information for new comers. Keep posting those types of posts regulary and you will eventually get people to respond and probably end up asking questions. I hope all is well with you and yours.
  4. Your host provider can help you with that. There are times when I get a new client I would set up a temp url via the host's control panel and do my projects there until it's completed. I would then move it over to the correct domain.
  5. @Andrea: His previous post is in regards to converting asp to html. This post seems to asking about the negative affects of SEO when making that conversion. @zetar060115: If the content and meta data is the same then the only thing you have to worry about is the old .asp urls that are now current on Google, etc. search engines. You will need to redirect them to the new .html pages. OLD URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/old-url.asp NEW URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/new-url.html
  6. It's seems to me that the SEO guy probably doesn't want to mess with the asp code in fear that he/she might break one or some of the asp functions. And I agree with Ben, you can't just convert asp over to html and not lose the functionality.
  7. Just curious but from where are you copying this code from to paste here?
  8. There's really no real advantage one over the other. However, I agree with Andrea thus this allows you to keep your pages and includes seperate making the obvious as to what they are. .inc seems to be the most common to using include files but you can certainly use other extensions such as .html, htm, php, .txt, etc. If you work with .asp on Windows server the same thing applies except you have to .asp instead of .php. In rare cases I have using .asp and php together on a Windows server and use one common include to run both .asp pages and php pages.
  9. You quotes and apostrophes are copied and pasted. “ - open quote ” - closing quote ’ - apostrophe They are slanted which is why I believe it was copied and pasted from some kind of document editor such as Word. You can easily do a find and replace for each one of those. Correct quote/apostrophe: " - for open and closing quotes ' - for apostrophe You will notice the correct ones are straight up/down and not slanted.
  10. I do not get that issue. I do indeed see the white background. You stated in your original post this: All browsers bar IE (all versions I think), render my code perfectly. In IE for some reason the white backgrounds disappear. You've mention that IE is working fine and then in the next sentence it is not. Also, what OS are you using?
  11. This doesn't explain much. Maybe you have provide a couple of screen captures, one showing what's wrong and the other of what it should look like. On another note, you have some coding practices that is not going to appear correctly in various screen sizes.
  12. A great list from Andrea and I would like to add that if you are using any kind of HTML editor I would suggest that you avoid using the Design View window or WYSIWYG. Based on Andrea's findings it seem like you are using an old editor thus it's not up to date with standards.
  13. Thanks for help. I was able to achieve this without using the accordian. I should have known better to take that approach. You idea is a good start. bum psho x.com/newsite/default-new.html (remove two spaces) it's about halfway down the page.
  14. Jquery is not my strong point but I can do enough to tinker with it to work for my need. However, I am having trouble making this to have the slides to fade in/out. bum psho x.com/storedev/pc/scripts/jquery-collapse/accordian.htm {remove two space) You will see that this is not really a slideshow but instead a content slider that expands and collapse. Everything is working exactly as I hoped except for the swing effect of the images. I want it to be fade in/out. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. As with all stores you must have some kind of customer support. Without it can generally kill a business. Tip: Not all shopping cart software are the same. Some offer everything from multi-categories, order management, customer management, export data/report for Quickbooks, built-to-order (BTO), marketing tools, manage suppliers & drop-shippers, import/export product database to xls or cvs format for offline editing, to good product support. Free open source are fine but test them out thoroughly before you start building your store because you want to make certain that it's going to provide everything you need including support. Online stores (hosted by software developer) can give you just about everything you need but again you need to test drive them to find out that it fits your need because not all online stores are the same. Also, check the plan they offer. Some have plans that are limited while others are unlimited. Most importantly, if you do build your store using this method then make sure they have a way to export your product data because there might be a time you want to move away from their monthly charge and limitations and host it on your own server.
  16. 1. .com is the most common and preferred but I don't think it matters from a SEO perspective. One thing you might want to be careful of is that if you use a domain extension that is NOT .com you will need to check the .com site of the same name because you could be providing info or products for you site while the other site is doing something else that might be inappropriate. You don't want your client to accidently enter the wrong extension ending on a site that may be offensive to them even though it's not your site. Also, check the domain history before registering. Some domains have a bad history. 2. Hyphenated domains is not a problem from the SEO perspective. What you should be the deciding factor is how the domain name is translated from person to person. If you have a domain called www.youcandoit.com you can simply give you address to another person by saying: "You Can Do It dot com". Most people will not have a problem in remembering or writing it down. Now if you have hypens in that same domain which would look like this: www.you-can-do-it.com you would end up saying it like this: "You hyphen Can hyphen Do hyphen It dot com". See my point? So the questions you ask yourself are: How easy was it for you to tell them the url? How easy was it for them to remember or write it down? 3. No. You can do whatever you like so long it makes sense. For instance, there is a church called HighPoint Church but the domain they use is www.churchunusual.com
  17. As soon as I made my last post, the developer had release an update/fix. The issue is now resolved.
  18. I agree but I wanted to hear it from a few others because he doesn't think it's an issue. Thanks Ben.
  19. I am having an issue with this page: https://ch ltarran tcounty.com/product/test-product/ (remove 2 spaces) Click 'Add to Cart' Windows pops up...click Checkout Now fill out 'Billing Address' Now click 'Next' The results I am getting is when I click on 'Next' is that nothing happens. This seems to only occur in IE. Any suggestions. Mr. PHP Master Ben?
  20. 1. HTML/CSS editor like MS Expression Web or Dreamweaver or just a simple Notepad editor. 2. Firefox's Web Developer and Firebug plugin. 3. Graphics editor like Photoshop which seems to be the most common use for creating web designs but there are others that are a bit cheaper or free. 4. Need all major browsers for testing; IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 5. FTP such as Filezilla for quick and easy ftp access. I use it to transfer big chunks of files. Additional Tools I use: 6. Xenu Link Sleuth or any other link verification program. That will help find any dead or broken links. 7. Compare and Merge (or similar) that will allow you to compare and merge codes between two files. 8. A PDF creator. 9. Windows Grep. A great tool to search a keyword or phrase or code within a list or group of files. For instance, you may be using a shopping cart program call Zen Cart and you've made some custom modification to the core files. Ideally, you would add your comment to the code change as a verifiable way to see that the code is customized especially if you have tons of code changes Then maybe a year later Zen Cart has a new upgrade version and you really don't want to overwrite your custom codes and this is where Windows Grep comes in. You would download all the Zen Cart current site (customized) files to your computer and run WG to find all instances of your comment. You will then see a list of files that you have customized and there exact line number. Thereafter, this is when you use Compare and Merge program. If you have a MAC, I am sure there is such a program similar to Windows Grep. 10. Hearts or Solitaire. Helps to get your mind off problems that you are unable to resolve. After playing a few hands, the problems seems to now come with solutions. If that doesn't work, get a box of chocolate.
  21. It can be done but you will need to take some steps in retaining the blog's ranking. This link will give you all the information you need to make the switch.
  22. Pretty nice. It's good that you have a off button for the animation. To me, it looks kind of kiddish but it certainly a big improvement from your old site.
  23. The divs that are containing the rss feed script will need to be floated to the left (float: left;) and then add a clear: both; after the last div so that the bottom of the page will not float up.
  24. The correct type for the css link should be type="text/css" And your doctype should not have a space between the exclaimation point (!) and the the word DOCTYPE It should look like this: <!DOCTYPE html>
  25. I would think that the plugin has organized your categories/links by merging them into other categories which is why you are getting errors because the urls have changed.
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