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  1. Thanks y'all I think this will help clean up my file structure. Thanks again for all your help. I don't post much but I read your advice quite often and have learned a lot on this site.
  2. Got it now and that is why I started using .inc . Some of the .inc files might be a paragraph of text that may be changed on a regular basis. Thanks for your time Tom
  3. Thanks Andrea I don't mean to be dense but can you explain a little more
  4. When using INCLUDE is there an advantage or disadvantage to using .inc extension as opposed to .php. What do y'all use as an extension? What are the pros and cons? Thanks Tom
  5. That is what I was thinking. Would that be the proper use of an XML file or would you load up an array. What would be more efficient? Thanks for your answer Tom
  6. Does that mean I wouldn't have to wear my tin foil hat?
  7. Hopefully I can ask this clearly. Suppose you have a mysql database to keep your inventory and a simple form page to enter the data. Would it be better to make the db_connection to insert the data for each item when you hit submit or load an xml file with all the items and then make one connection to write the xml file to the db. Thanks Tom
  8. I'll also add my appreciation for Killer U as a premium member. I am using php mysql javascript mostly but will eventually get to all the others. I do not generally like forums because they end up like chat rooms full of kids with smart ass remarks or sarcastic responses. This forum is for those trying to learn and ask legitimate questions that's why I like it. Keep up the good work mods. Thanks Tom
  9. Thanks for that, I have more reading to do. I have not posted much on here but I have read a lot and appreciate the help everyone gives. I have also enrolled in Killer U and have learned tons already from the videos. Thanks again Tom edit: Wickham... I think that's what I will do
  10. I was learning html, then xhtml seemed to be the way to go and I liked the rules. You will use lower case and close what you open etc. Wickham "Personally, I've gone back to html with <br> etc." What doc type do you use? I like the "simplicity" of the html5 type but if the world is not ready yet I will wait. Also the validation with conditions bothers me. Might be a character flaw. Thanks Tom
  11. Thanks for the update. I have a hard time remembering the older doctypes and would like to use the new one and only integrate the new features as browsers comply. I just feel like "<br>" is unfinished and would like to use "<br />" and same with "<img />" as long as it won't break things. Don't have a good reason as I don't have much experience. Thanks again Tom
  12. I know this is an older topic but it is the only one I could find to address my questions. 1. Can we use the html5 doctype now and just not use the new tags? ( I think already answered above) 2. I have seen the use of the closing /> (like xhtml) with html5 doctype. Some reading says it is not allowed some say it is not necessary and I did not see on W3C it being used. Thanks Tom
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