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  1. @Andrea, Thanks for the help. It is starting to make more sense. Also, I deleted the URL that gave the oops page and replaced it with place holder text. @grabenair, Thanks, I downloaded Notepad++, like it a lot better than MS Notepad.
  2. Eddie, Yes the HTML editor is not up to date with standards....it is "ME" and I am getting older every day, ha ha. I haven't coded a new page in a while. Although I have used an HTML editor software in the past, somehow I always liked coding by hand better, so I either use notepad/wordpad or pico depending on which OS I am on.
  3. I have always built my sites in HTML, I am starting a new site for a new client and want to use CSS. I had the site looking fair until I wanted to add the code to set the width at 800px. For now the site is only on my laptop and not on a server, so I am attaching the files. Any help in getting it fixed and explaining what I did wrong would be super. Thanks. Travis law.css index.html
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