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  1. Hi Recently someone built me a Wpress site, but before it was complete, he emailed me a link which wasn't the proper domain name, just to check the site was ok while he was still working on it. So it was a kind of dummy URL that would be impossible for anyone to locate, which was the idea as the site was not completed yet. What I would like to know is, how, when I am building a site, in Wpress or even Dreamweaver, how do I use a temporary URL in the same way, so when I am building it, I can send my client to this temporary url to get his feedback before I transfer the site to the correct Domain and how is that transfer done? I may not be using the correct terminology here but you get my point and can help me. Thanks Dene
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    Hi Ive just joined this forum, and its cool to be here, hopefully i can get some of my problems answered. Thanks Dene
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