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  1. All those bad sites that are listed here are getting alot of hits. They probably think their site is a success unknowingly that the majority of those surfers are just there visiting a freak show.
  2. You can't run both Apache and IIS. You will need to remove IIS from Windows Control Panel. Remove IIS. Remove WAMP Reboot Reinstall WAMP That should do it.
  3. I noticed some big names on that site...Godaddy, MySpace, etc.
  4. http://www.quoteland.com/topic.asp
  5. I am a freelancer. I generate most of my business from outsourcing clients (about 75%) which are prodominately high-end ecommerce stores for small to medium businesses. The remaining 25% consist of direct clients requiring a variety of types of sites from non-profit to ecommerce stores.
  6. Looks like you will need to set your Windows setting to allow to show file extensions. Although you saved your file as index.html it's probably adding the .txt file extension to the end of it which then would really look like this: index.html.txt which is why it's opening up in Notepad. I'm using XP and so this is how you would get the file extensions to appear: Click on Start then Control Panel and then Folder Options. Click on View tab. UNCHECK 'Hide extensions for known file types' OK Now go look at your index file. You should see the .txt to the end of it. Just rename the index.html.txt file to be index.html
  7. My post was never intended to state that no one has to worry about FX or that FX is safer than MS. The point here is that you are going to hear about it (by media headlines) when it comes to MS security flaws versus FX.
  8. Whoever dominates the market are going to get the bashing whether it be MS or Mozilla. Right now, it's MS. As for hackers...what's the point in creating havoc with just the small market share software when you can make news exploiting the big boys!
  9. You might want to make the MOVE THE FORUM link a bit clearer to make sure that ALL visitors will know that it's a link. Defining a color probably would help or say something like.. "The new forum is located here". Probably wouldn't hurt to spell out the url to.
  10. newseed

    Blogs & CMS

    I believe you should be one step ahead and have your all your dedicated forums set up so it will not be a hassle later on. You can basically do something like this: Blogs/CMS ---Wordpress ---CMS Made Simple ---Others So if later another blog or cms becomes popular, you then have to just create a new sub-category and will only have to move related topics from the 'Others' over to that new sub-category. Same thing applies to HTML/CSS... HTML/CSS ---HTML/CSS Layout ---CSS Menus ---CSS Tips and Tricks ...and so on. You get the picture! So yes and that's my final answer.
  11. Stef, I believe you can set up a private area within the forum. This might be useful for the dedicated regulars here to discuss a variety of issues without the public having read access. You can also set it up for Admins and Mods only too. Oh...and are you going to apply a short description of each forum? I think most are self-expanatory but then thier are those that need a little help to understand what the forum is all about.
  12. I found this article today with a good list of alternate open source software for those that can't afford the commerical software. It's a good list but not entirely the most accurate. Just read the comments at the end. OpenSouce Alternatives Archive link to discussion.
  13. From time to time, I get private messages from first time users requesting answer(s) to a problem. Since time is money, I cannot answer every question via privately for all those that request assistant. This is why the public forum exist so that new and seasoned coders can get solutions to problems for free. As for me, I don't mind helping people in the public forum in which I volunteer my time that is alloted to me. In addition, questions being asked in an public forum stand a good chance in getting a response within 24 hours and possibly along with a solution. Most of us here knows that and we make every effort to help those that are willing to help themselves. So to deter newcomers from posting private messages to obtain answers to a problem, I now reply back with this: Otherwise, I suggest you post your question(s) in the public forum in which the service is free. The above does not apply to active members that give their time in helping others. Archive link to discussion.
  14. If you haven't already, you can add this to your list of tutorials: Opera Web Standard Curriculum
  15. For those of you that have upgraded to Expression Web but still like some of the bots used in FrontPage, you can by just installing this small macro script to Expression Web. FrontPage Bot Macro For Expression Web I only use the Includes but all the bots works perfectly.
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