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  1. thbp

    best wysiwyg

    HIi need a free software im using komposer and it gets on my nerves alot and i was wondering if there is any more out there?
  2. thbp

    Happy New Year to everybody!

    18 more days till my bday ill be 14 YEAH
  3. thbp

    Best place

    Hi i am looking to find a template for a site for my javascript scripts and (soon) php scripts and im not a good webdesigner. I want a website template and i can edit to my preffrence. (i am not good at designing templates (i dont know how (i know html/css at decent level)) If there is, is there like skull or black/red template
  4. Who do you work for on making sites? I kinda free lance and just make sites for fun (im not that good) i made a site for sribes and i got a person who wants me to join there staff on a forum as website manager? So who do you work for?
  5. thbp

    Javascript Or Php

    I am going to learn php you can do some of the same things and then they are guaranteed.
  6. thbp

    The old forum is now in read-only mode.

    maybe a banner saying new forum at the top or bottom wound't hurt. Ill make it give me 2-3 hours (i need to get home to do it)
  7. thbp

    Javascript Or Php

    helps tremdously. since ive worked with modding for forums ive looked into the jquery framework and didn't really understand it. I have a php text forum i was going to modify to what i need ( i already have owners concent).
  8. thbp


    Whats your view on gimp. I like its free but if there is something "better" i would like to know becouse i am going to be needing it for gfx requests on site i belong to.
  9. wheres notepad++? it like is huge with coders (i know)
  10. thbp

    Serious security flaw found in IE

    i hate ie it just plain out s*cks i believe (though im kinda of a mozilla fan boy)
  11. thbp

    Javascript Or Php

    Hi i am wondering about this question. I know there is alot of topics on this but heres my dilema. I am wanting to get into mods for *** (ive already made basic copyright one). After this i want to create php scripts. I already know javascript (intermediate (barely i just know basics with some dom)) but like i said i want to get into php becouse of its benifets and create a php forum system (using text files) (in the future) but i dont know if i should further my javascript. Thank you in Advance.