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    Ie Problem

    Which version of IE are you looking at?
  2. You'd need to start in the view and work backwards. In this case, the code you included is actually the code to list the products, not the navigation. The navigation is in the header file (app/views/includes/public_header.php ), since it's a global item that appears on all pages. Here's the correct code: <ul class="nav"> <?php $this->get_data('page_nav'); ?> </ul> So the next step would be to check the controller, and see where set_data('page_nav') is set. In the index file, look for the "$Template->set_data('page_nav', )" line: it should be on lines 17 and 44 (or very close). Here's the code for one of those sections: // get category nav $category_nav = $Categories->create_category_nav($category['name']); $Template->set_data('page_nav', $category_nav); So the navigation is created by the $Categories object's "create_category_nav" method, which accepts the argument of the currently active navigation item (in the index.php file, either that's the home page, or the name of the currently active category.) In order to change this, you'd need to modify the code to call set_data('page_nav') with your own navigation content. If the navigation will stay basically the same, with categories being the main focus, I would find and edit the "create_category_nav" method in the m_categories.php code. If not, perhaps you should create a new method within the main template file (m_template.php) that will return the HTML needed to create the navigation. Once you have it working on the home page, then apply that same change to any other controllers that need the updated navigation. If you want a dropdown, you'll likely need to modify the HTML, as well as add any CSS/Javascript that you will need. Does that help at all?
  3. falkencreative

    Php Form

    Those switch statements need to look like this: switch($_POST['rgroup4']) { case "rg4v1": $value4 = "Radio Group 4 - Value 1 was selected."; break; case "rg4v2": $value4 = "Radio Group 4 - Value 2 was selected."; }
  4. falkencreative

    Php Form

    These are your switch statements: switch($_POST['rgroup4']) { case "rg4v1": $value4 = "Radio Group 4 - Value 1 was selected."; break; case "rg4v2": $value4 = "Radio Group 4 - Value 2 was selected."; Note the opening "{", but no closing "}"? You need a closing } at the end of each of your four switch statements.
  5. A couple things that I immediately notice... -- You need to have the link to your stylesheet within the <head> section -- You don't need the <style> tags in the stylesheet. Because the styles are in a .css stylesheet, it's already clear that the content of the file is CSS. Hope that helps?
  6. falkencreative

    Php Form

    Looks like you are missing the closing "}" on each of your switch statements.
  7. falkencreative

    Php Form

    What about this code isn't working for you? What are you expecting, and what are you getting?
  8. I can't really comment on "reasonable costs", since it depends on so many factors... the server you get, the space/memory it has, the connection to the internet, etc. But yes, you could rent a server and then sell server space to host other websites on.
  9. In general, you want to make your code as simple and as straightforward as possible, so make sure you're not adding in unnecessary elements. From a styling perspective, it shouldn't really matter significantly. From a functionality perspective, you'll often see wrapper divs because a developer wanted to have one element that had a set width that would contain the entire site (often to center position it in the browser).
  10. well, what have you gotten so far? Where are you getting stuck?
  11. Probably the easiest way would be to make the logo a background image on your .logo h1, rather than using an img tag. Then, you can easily switch between the two versions of the logo by using media queries targeting device width.
  12. I've been playing with https://habitrpg.com recently. Seems like an interesting approach to task management and motivation. Gamification FTW!

  13. I'm pretty sure you need the country code -- so both numbers need a "1" in front of them: tel:17145504123
  14. It really isn't possible to know based just on that screenshot. I'm not seeing anything wrong as far as I can tell. It's possible the issue is earlier in the file. That said, if you aren't getting any errors when running the code in the browser, I wouldn't worry about it that much.
  15. This has a pretty good overview: http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/php/php4p10.html (or you can do a search for "php radio", and you'll find additional results/tutorials.)
  16. The Cinema display is the next on my list now that I (recently) purchased a new laptop (I currently use an older 23" Apple display). I might try to wait a bit (at least till the big Apple event in June?) to see if they come out with a new version. The current display was launched in Sept 2011, so it's overdue for an update. Might be nice if it added additional ports and/or at least upgraded to USB3.
  17. falkencreative

    Php Form

    I'd suggest watching the "PHP and Javascript Form Validation" series. While it covers building a contact form, rather than a survey form, you'll be using the exact same approach and techniques when building your form.
  18. You can try this? All the advice I'm seeing about this seems a bit old. http://www.chami.com/tips/internet/113096I.html Has the visitor refreshed the page? Usually that will take care of caching issues.
  19. Let me know where you see those?
  20. I've put a sample Dark theme in place for you (Theme Change in the bottom left corner of the forum > "KillerSites Dark Theme"). It isn't a complete reskin, since doing that would take a pretty huge amount of time. However, I have themed a lot of the basic conversation functionality, so hopefully that will be helpful. If there's anything that isn't readable, let me know.
  21. ...maybe you should ask Lynda.com? We don't know why they do that.
  22. If it helps, you can use the IPBoard - Mobile theme (theme changer is down in the bottom left corner: "Change Theme").
  23. At least according to your CSS code above, you have an error when setting the height and width: width= 960px; height= 388px; You shouldn't be using "=" -- you need to be using ":" instead. Fix that, and see if that fixes your problem?
  24. So I looked into this. Setting a product to "0" is fine... as long as it isn't the only item in the cart. Basically, the issue is that the $_SESSION['cart'] could wind up being empty... and the mysqli queries didn't know how to handle an empty array. Update m_cart.php: public function update($id, $num) { if ($num == 0) { unset($_SESSION['cart'][$id]); if (empty($_SESSION['cart'])) { unset($_SESSION['cart']); } //add } else { $_SESSION['cart'][$id] = $num; } } The fix in this case was to check if the session variable is empty, and if so, unset the cart so there are 0 items in the cart. Hope that helps.
  25. Looks like the problem is that the defaults between those two functions are different. By default, the getData() function within the login tutorial returns the variable, whereas the default getData() function from the shopping cart tutorial echos the data. With that in mind, and considering that the login functionality involves less code, I would suggest using the getData() function from the cart tutorial, and make sure to pass "FALSE" in as the second parameter in any instances of getData() within the login code where you need to return the data rather than echo it out. My apologies about the default functionality changing -- I didn't even realize that till just now. I'm not completely sure why it changed, it's just what made sense to me at the time when I was developing it.
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