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  1. nobody sees my point. Lynda.com goes out of their way to call them movies. I don't know why.. there must be a reason.. question: Can we agree calling a lesson or a tutorial a "MOVIE" is not normal. Sure anyone can slip and say movie and yes i know what them mean by it but that's not the point. In EVERY tutorial they are specifically called MOVIES.. that's my point and there must be a reason to do so.. Why is my question..
  2. Copy protection is built into anything you post online -- it doesn't matter whether one calls it a movie or tutorial or video or whatever. Not True.. Im talking about Federal Protection.. Only Specific Content is protected under the FBI warning.. Movies are one of them.. Your tutorials are NOT.. Sure you can goto civil court, but the FEDS wont care.. Look it up..
  3. Dreamweaver CS6 with Killersites (Killersites.com) https://learnable.com/courses/dreamweaver-cs6-2786 I guess you are not familiar with the content you employer produces as the above links proves that Santo Romano does exactly that. Plus others i have seen.. Thats why I came here to ask the question.
  4. Maybe some will chime in that have experience in this area.. Everyone knows that Lynda.com in ALL their tutorials they call them MOVIES and thats what im looking to get answered. Thanks for all your input so far.. but the question is valid..
  5. Lynda.com, ALL their videos specifically say MOVIE , I know they do it on purpose, that's why im asking.. And i have seen tutorials from killersites.com they do the same thing call it MOVIES.. lynda.com started it.. others are copying them.. Whats what bothering me.. they are doing it on purpose.. ask anyone they will confirm.. and thats what brought me to ask the question. hopefully ill get a answer.. I think their lawyers came to them one day and said guess what guys, we are going to call them movies that wey it qualify s fro the FBI warning for copy protection.. thats my guess..
  6. Must be a touchy subject.. .. Here is a multiple choice answer.. fill in the blanks only ONE answer is right acording to some. In the next ________ we will cover how to use the paintbrush in photoshop.. The blank is fill in by : 1. lesson 2. tutorial 3. movie Make you choice.. But try to be objective with no ax to grind..
  7. Why are some calling Lessons or Tutorials "movies" Whats wrong with calling it what it is, A "lesson" is not a MOVIE, We all know what a movie is.. Why are we now calling Lessons or Tutorials "MOVIES". Have we come this far to change the English language to whatever we want. Im thinking its bothering others, or maybe not.. Can somebody tell me why seemingly intelligent people are doing this, its so bizarre..
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