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  1. Sorry for the long delay. Did you solve this? Wait ... we talked over email. You are good!
  2. LOL. You are almost there. Only do 1-3 of the mini projects as suggested and then get into the game for real. Take that leap of faith. Stef
  3. Just in case people are wondering, he is talking about this course: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/complete_freelancer Stef
  4. Look in the PDF, there is a link to the video files. Stef
  5. It is a cost that you have to work into the price. Sorry for the delay.
  6. Hi. Not really ... it depends on the subject of the site. For example, if you were doing a site to promote an horror film, I would be considering the Chiller font for the headings. I tend to keep my body text neutral. So sans-serif like open sans ... as an example.
  7. Hi! Sorry for the delay. This was an Internet wide thing due to all the distance learning and remote work. I hope it has settled down for you. Stef
  8. administrator


    Sorry for the delay. I was using an iPad.
  9. You would need to use them all of course ... HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  10. Hi, To be able to do backend, you need to learn the basics of front end because you will be outputting front end code often enough. But the good thing, you don't have to become a front end master, just know your way around the basics. My fullstack course will teach you all you need to start writing professional code: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/complete_web_developer Stef
  11. Whoa ... I missed this. Did you get access to the private mentoring club? Stef
  12. It is a BIG job with lots of legal requirements.
  13. Serif for titles and sans serif for body text.
  14. Probably an issue with the cascade in your CSS code. If you don't what that is, try my foundations CSS course: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/css3_foundations Stef
  15. That is up to you. The more code you write, the faster you will learn. But you could do a first pass with the course doing only the built-in code challenges.
  16. That is a question of intelligent browser caching ... it can't always count on it.
  17. Hmm ... I wouldn't be too concerned with this since fonts are tiny files. We are in the age of 4k video download and so fonts are barely a blip in file size.
  18. Hi! Please remove your email address from your StudioWeb account ... it is a conflict with the KillerVideoStore.
  19. Logo design is a painful process. I think often times, the font it the key element.
  20. Hi, Email me at stefan at studioweb.com and please include your StudioWeb account id. Stef
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