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  1. Derell

    Python question

    In other words, how do I change the path to the file so python can see the file? Forgive my ignorance. I'm figuring this all out slowly but surely.
  2. Derell

    Python question

    Thank you for the insight as that makes plenty of sense. Any idea on how I can correct this, or is that an entirely different topic?
  3. Derell

    Python question

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and the world of coding. I'm currently taking the beginners python 3 course. I'm on chapter 7 and I've just completed lesson 5 however I keep getting an error regarding the gif image that I saved from google. I'm certain the image is a gif file. Could there be something wrong with the image or the way it's been saved? I saved it to the desktop and a file folder. See the following error below and please advise. Thank you in advance. Derell, ========== RESTART: C:/Users/Dell/Desktop/Lessons/12.20.20_practice.py ========= Traceback (most recent cal
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