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  1. Thank you Stefan. Yes I plan to subscribe to DW CC if I like DW. Just playing around to see what I can create at this stage and whether I like DW. So many people just using squarespace, wordpress or similar today. I want to try DW first as people say that it is old school to use DW. But I like that there is the choice to create my own design, while learning. Just so many little things that would be easily fixed if I was an experienced user. Meanwhile, I really want to solve the problem I have. It is likely a simple answer. Not going to subscribe to DW CC if it is this problematic to us
  2. Hello - so happy to have found this site. I am currently learning to use Dreamweaver CS6. It is mostly fun but having some problems. I'm not sure if I should ask for help here or not. I will ask here and move to a different area if directed to. My problem is: I am making a fluid grid page and in each div that contains text, I am trying to set up the padding with 40 px each side | 10 top and bottom I've made a new CSS style - Compound >In this document. Then I put in the padding values > OK The padding worked left, top and bottom but the right hand side of the div
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