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  1. I'm an experienced engineer/developer and I have worked as a corporate developer all my life, as either a FTE/perm or contractor through temp agencies. I have an itch to go independent and wonder what I should do? There are so many potential routes: 1) Try to parlay my existing skills (backend Java, databases, cloud) and network into contracts with medium and large companies 2) Pivot and get into web and wordpress development. This seems more fun to me than enterprise stuff but the clients would be different most likely, unless I could target the larger companies as well. I am going to start learning more JS and React.js anyways, as those seem to be in demand in my current market. Seems like almost every company in my city is doing React. I got into web development many years ago doing Perl and then PHP, so I am not a total noob here, but I need to get back to building stuff. 3) Build a SAAS or other type of side business where I am not selling my time for dollars. This is something I want to do anyways. Family responsibilities factor into this, as I can't just ditch a stable W2 job and start freelancing. I saw Stef's mentoring program, and it looks good but seems to be targeted to "noob's". I am not a total noob, although maybe I have a lot to learn about the business side of things (contracts, sales, client relations, etc). I might purchase it anyways just to benefit from Stef's brain. Any advice?
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