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  1. Hi Stefan, I am interested to do testing with all. (Not only I, but I have developer team). Can you send me details? Steve
  2. Hey Coollew, I check your website, you have so many templates. But I am searching for particular template for blog website like WordPress free templates. Do you have any template related to blog?
  3. Download free themes for WordPress or bootstrap(specially recommend) and open it in Dreamweaver to understand its coding flow and make necessary change with colors and images.
  4. @LSW. Thanks for your suggestion of CSS Zen Garden. I will check it out.
  5. Video sharing and guest blogging is very much helpful to improve website traffic. But your content must be unique and high quality.
  6. Camtasia is the best software. Before it I tried ezvid, visual slide show and proshow gold. But every software has its own draw back. But Camtasia is perfect for all the things like recording voice, video making and editing.
  7. Oh my God! So awesome tutorials on parallax web design. Thank you so much Kralcx..
  8. Till now I just use Picasa image editor. But I downloaded Gimp and DrawPlus. It works great. I can use Gimp as vector logo creator also.
  9. Hey Kralcx, what is this parallax web design? How it works? Any resource to know it better?
  10. I heard about new update called "Hummingbird". Does anyone know how it works? What is the target of this update?
  11. I suggest search on Google with "HTML 5 tutorials". You will get lots of results. Select anyone from them as per your understanding capability.
  12. I noticed two trends, first is "responsive web design" and another one is "flat web design". But I like the most vector base web design.
  13. As per my view and as I search other sites, flat design is used for selling services of web design, web development, graphic design and so on. If you want to know more search on Google or check this site "awaaards .com"
  14. I recently saw one ad on Hadoop while using my facebook account. Kralcx, thanks for your information. But can you send me the link form where I can know it more in detail?
  15. Steve7

    Alexa Ranking

    Thanks to all of you, Kralcx, administrator and pvader. I tried that new Google map. Its really good. I heard about one new update Hummingbird. Can you tell me more about it? I mean how it works? What it will target in our website?
  16. I tried http://infogr.am/. Its superb. Thanks Kralck..
  17. I am working with web design and development company. During the seo of one of our client, since last one month doing guest post, commenting and many more link building work. But I want to increase Alexa ranking and page ranking. The domain authority is increase from 16 to 23. Is there any update like panda for alexa ranking also? How to increase it? How much time it will take to increase Alexa ranking and page ranking? The on page optimization is done perfectly with meta tags.
  18. Thanks for sharing such useful alternative of open source..
  19. This is the main benefit to join this forum site. You can watch video in their own library to solve your problem of designing.
  20. Hey Kralcx, is this music player really works? I mean the code is so short.
  21. Steve7

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Dene, welcome! Ya you can get help here on any web related topics. Which language do you know?
  22. Steve7

    Html To Psd

    Hey Kralcx, I tried the demo version of layersapp. And I really don't believe how easily it works. Does anybody have cracked version of it. I want it.
  23. Hello, as I am working in SEO field, but still I need help in this. There is one new concept come "infographics" for off page optimization. I want to design it in illustrator. But I want to know that is there any site do you know which have ready made vectors for infographics. It will save my time, if you help me. Thanks in advance.
  24. Steve7

    What Is Seo?

    SEO means Searach Engine Optimization. Google search engine robots works with specific algorithms and as per those rules your website must include meta tags like description, keywords and alternate tag for images. If you want to know in details then Google it with "Seo trends"?
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