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Web Design Book Reviews

My book reviews section is a different from what you typically see, I only list and review books that are worth reading. All the books reviewed here are sitting on my bookshelves.

What about the books that suck?

I come across many stinkers, to be sure. I just spare the authors the criticism and you the time – why talk about a crappy title?

Web Design Book Reviews

HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML

First thing I have to tell you is that I generally like Peach Pits’ Visual Quickstart Guides, and this book is no exception. Like the other Visual Quickstart Guides, this book is both a learning tool and a good reference. Chalked full of handy images, HTML for the World Wide Web is great for the total beginner and it teaches everything you need to know to build quality web sites.

This 5th edition not only teaches HTML basics, it also goes into key technologies such as CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and even a little web site preparation for the search engines. One important aspect of the book is that it clearly separates ‘old-school’ web design techniques with the preferable modern CSS based web designs methods. If you are going to get any book, get this one!

Learning web design 2nd edition

This is another good book on web design that focuses on real world issues instead of just repackaging the specification that you can easily find on the web.

This is a beginner’s guide that gently leads the reader in the process of web design. The book makes heavy use of images and diagrams and it smartly covers the key topics and the key technologies used in web design.

So for example, you will find a discussion on fonts, image creation and other topics that are essential to web design but not directly related to the core web site technologies.

My only complaint is that there is not as clear a separation between ‘old-school’ web design techniques and the new standards based methods. Don’t get me wrong, it is discussed, but the separation is not as obvious as I would have liked it to be. Still the book is worth getting.

Web Design in a Nutshell

An essential reference, not good to learn with if you're new to the game, but once you have the basics under your belt it's time to get this valuable book.

Creating Killer Web Sites

Dated, but still has information that beginners will find useful. A classic book in the web design world and the original reason why this web site came about.

That being said, this should not be your primary book on web site design, it is just a little too old.

Instead I would buy this book for the information on basic design and as a historical snap shot of the web at that time.

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