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My book reviews section is different from what you typically see, I only list and review books that are worth reading. All the books reviewed here are sitting on my bookshelves.

What about the books that suck?

I come across many stinkers, to be sure. I just spare the authors the criticism and you the time – why talk about a crappy title? scandal compelled me to REVIEW BOOKS

You may have not heard about it, but in 2004 had a computer problem where for a little while (I think a few hours to a day,) the identities of all the anonymous reviewers were revealed. The big news was that many of the positive reviews were revealed to have been made by the authors themselves!

It also turned out that many of the reviews were also made by the authors friends and family. We are not just talking about obscure authors, many big names were doing this!

Besides the 'dirty' reviews, many authors admitted to buying up copies of their own books from Amazon to raise their Amazon book rank.

I somewhat suspected all this ... in the past I had bought books that had glowing reviews on Amazon and turned out to be wasted paper.

So why listen to me?

When it comes to nerd books, I can spot crap pretty quickly! I have read (not browsed) hundreds of nerd (techie) books over the years. I read these things like old women read dime-store romance novels.

What's the deal with all these 'buy from Amazon' links?

Amazon may have suspect reviews, but when it comes to buying books, I still have yet to find a better and cheaper place on the web or otherwise.

Stefan Mischook

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