JavaScript Book Reviews for Nerds

JavaScript Book Reviews for Nerds

My book reviews section is a different from what you typically see, I only list and review books that are worth reading. All the books reviewed here are sitting on my bookshelves.

What about the books that suck?

I come across many stinkers, to be sure. I just spare the authors the criticism and you the time – why talk about a crappy title?


DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web

All of the Visual Quickstart Guides that are on my list overlap on certain subjects to a limited degree; you see talk about CSS, JavaScript and XHTML in each of them.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a waste of money to get them all! Each book goes into some depth (where the others don’t) in their particular area of focus, making them worthwhile purchases.

DHTML for the World Wide Web concentrates on DHTML, leveraging CSS and the practically universal DOM. There is some overlap with the other titles in terms of CSS and JavaScript, but only enough to get the reader going with the focus of the book … DHTML.

Do yourself a favor and get all 3 Visual Quickstart Guides reviewed here, I did!

Java Script for the World Wide Web

Peach Pit's Visual Quickstart Guides seem always rock! JavaScript for the World Wide Web is another ‘to the point’ and concise book from the boys and girls at Peach Pit.

JavaScript for the World Wide Web introduces you to JavaScript with practical and very useable JavaScript examples.

Instead of long theoretical JavaScript, this book seems to focus in on things that many web masters commonly have to deal with. This makes for a great ‘cook-book’ and learning book as well.

If you want to learn JavaScript, this is a great buy, especially when you consider how inexpensive the Visual Quickstart Guides are!

Java Script Unleashed

This is the book you want to get if you are really getting down and nerdy with your JavaScript.

Besides covering the core JavaScript API the book covers the DOM and other extended uses of JavaScript in a concise and clear manner.

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