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Question cant explain..


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That site uses frames but that is not ideal because frames only allows one page to be indexed and bookmarked. Even if you submit a sitemap and get all the pages indexed, the other problem is that when visitors click on any of the google indexed url, it will take them directly to the content page thus there are no header/footer which then shows no navigation.


The correct ways is to use server side includes (PHP or ASP). If you want the center content to scroll then wrap that content in a div with a fixed width and height and style it using overflow: auto.

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Like this Site http://www.brutalbands.net/index.html when the user clicks on for example e-store etc...

he/she will see it on the same page but its in a frame

If you have read my earlier post, iframe will not help you with google indexing. Also users will not be able to bookmark to any specific page other than the home page (index page). Iframes might be ok for isolated use but not for the whole site. Even then it's better to use CSS overflow instead.


What you need and should be using is Server Side Includes using PHP or ASP. If you don't know how to do that then it's time you learn. We can help you in the process but only if you help yourself by taking the time to learn the codes.

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Ditch the frames - this 'window within a window' effect can be achieved entirely through CSS. Look into the overflow property.


And for a truly stunning example of how a similar effect can be achieved using css only:




And for a slightly more mundane (but more practical) example:



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