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  1. Hey i'm new to php but does anybody have code to create a php contact form like one on websites i have tried many but they are not working Regards Painkiller
  2. I need a shopping cart software that the user can login and save their payment details in there Mals e-commerce is good but it dosn't have that feature...
  3. Like this Site http://www.brutalbands.net/index.html when the user clicks on for example e-store etc... he/she will see it on the same page but its in a frame
  4. Can yoou show me code for this? I think it an iframe thing... if i have a menu table up top and when you click on the for eg. the bands page it will go to the iframe etc etc..
  5. Thanks Jihaslip This site kicks ass
  6. Hello everybody I want to have a window inside a window Like this site has http://www.brutalbands.net/index.html how do i do that? i cant navigate with the a small window inside... Regards Painkiller
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