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Need icon for Adobe Bridge


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Er... did you delete the shortcut to the program, or the actual program itself? It sounds like you deleted the program itself. Either you will need to open up the trash and return it to its original location (if it is in the trash in the first place) or you will need to reinstall using the CS3 disks.


You probably won't be able to copy and paste the program from the disks -- that isn't how it works. You will need to run the installer.

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Just go to the folder the program is in, click once on the *.exe that starts the program. Right click... Send to --> Desktop (Create Shortcut).


That works with anything, executables, folders, images... you can shortcut anything to the desktop.


You can drag and drop anything in your start menu or quick menu to the desktop and it creates a shortcut...


Or drag anything on your desktop to you start menu or Quick menu and it adds a shortcut there.

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