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I have WampServer and WordPress running on my local PC and I am using the 'Complete WordPress Package' from killersites as my tutorial. So far so good except for some minor problems which I hope someone can help me fix. I wish I could include some code but I don't even know where to start from and everything is on my local PC which makes it harder to point potential helpers to a site. I have included some screen shots and described my problem as best as I can for now. Hope the 'heavy lifters' here will help me figure it outksiteprb.doc. I have attached a word doc.




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Thanks Ben, I have. I activated the new theme with a distinctive name. Everything goes fine in DW but when I do a preview I don't get the same thing from the browser.

I am following Mr. Romano step by step. I don't know if the version of the Theme has anything do with it. WP gave me version 1.3 to start with but I think the tutorial was done with version 1.0. As part of my troubleshooting process I tried using the 1.0 Theme that came with the tutorial but I got an error.

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TKG, thanks for your response. I apologize for my late response. This is what I have for the style.css file. Not too sure if you are referring to something else. I have also attached a word doc with a larger image.

I will try and complete the whole tutorial and hopefully put/upload it since it might help someone identify where I am making my mistake.


Could this be my problem?- Theme URI: http://wordpress.org/'>http://wordpress.org/ pointing to the wrong location. Will do a little reading and see what I find. Will see if changing that to the localhost location will make a difference.


Theme Name: Killersites

Theme URI: http://wordpress.org/

Description: Tutorials in session.

Author: The Killersite Testing Team

Version: 1.0

License: GNU General Public License

License URI: license.txt

Tags: Green frog




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If I understand correctly, you wanted to duplicate the 'twentyten' theme. If so, then you should have two sets of folders in /themes/ folder that should look something like this:







The css file for /themes/twentyten/ should look like this:


Theme Name: Twenty Ten


The css file for /themes/killersites/ should look like this:


Theme Name: Killersites



Be sure to change your theme to killersites via WP admin.

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