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There are always chances... put with the economy as it is... the DotCom crash of 2000 put large numbers of developers on the street, so it is a hard market.


If you live near your government, try them. Get a job with the state as a programmer or internet specialist... it is at least fairly secure work as it is not about making profits like private industry.


Real schooling is good though even if the info is not the greatest. I got certified in Germany, had years under my belt... but when I got back stateside no one was interested as I had no college. Look at ITT's schooling, I was going to go for a degree with them, good training. But even local college have night classes or online courses. Get a degree and it will help. Also most schools have placement services for students and have contacts with local businesses who hire students to work in that area as they learn.


Great sites are built daily by non classically trained people... but that pig skin does wonders trying to land a job with high end companies like those who turned me down. They thought I could not handle the stress as I was not classically trained... I guess being a Bodyguard and a team leader in the US Army Infantry is not stressful :rolleyes:


Few if any of the regulars here have official web developement schooling.

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Thanks, so the government doesnt require expeirience and they would probably hire me?
He didn't say that - he said to TRY them. I imagine like everywhere else, some jobs get filled with people with experience, some may require less experience - but whether the government, or anybody else for that matter, would or would not hire you, is really not something anybody here can predict.


The one thing all the job ads for webdesigners I've seen have in common is that they require samples of work that the applicant has done - so work on your portfolio.

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Guest Chase Beach

Hi David,


One of the Best Web Design Jobs in the market (economy) is being employed my Numoro Uno (Yourself)


I have a J.O.B in a retail store, selling is part of it. For me, I have made up some cards, offering my services. I don't know what you do, but this environment mandates small talk, leading to deeper questions. Sometimes I can help them with what I do and I pick up Web Design projects.


When I'm not at my J.O.B., I drive down the street, writing down business names. The Key here is, Don't prejudge the business. Then I go home and search for there website, if I dont find one, they are part of my campaign to cold call.


The Point is... You have a Web Design Job.. it is yours. Make some Business Cards and pass them out.


To your Success



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States are their own entities so I can say little on any state other than Alaska.


We have Internet Specialist 1 & 2 levels, fairly new designation.


Then we have Analyst/Programmer I - V. 1 is beginner with little experience. 2 & 3 are able to work alone with supervision, 4 is capable of working alone and 5 is supervisory. That said we also have a hiring freeze after our Gov. based our budget on $76 a barrel oil after it was $134 and is now $32 or so. So no Hires or transfers within the state. The commercial market will vary state for state too.

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Guest bendix

Hi Chase Beach,

How is one of the Best Web Design Jobs in the market (economy) is being employed my Numoro Uno (Yourself)???

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