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Preferred Video Format


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I googled this but I am having not much success in the results.


I have a client that want's to display all his videos from his own site. They want to avoid a couple of things.


1. Flash. They just simply don't want flash. No reason given. Probably because they are high-tech and have a good number of mobile phone users.


2. Third-party video source such as YouTube. They don't want to have any appearance of a third-party logo, content or whatever that is unrelated to their video.


They want to have their video in a format that will be compatible across ALL broswers including way back to IE6 on up to the latest browsers that uses HTML5.


So my question is, which format is preffered or is there a third-party pay service that will not add any copyright to their software?



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I'm not sure if you can go entirely Flash free - I don't think there is enough universal support for video without using Flash. Your best bet is probably to choose what to display based on the browser/device -- avoid Flash when you can, and use a Flash fallback when you can't.


I've used JWplayer for a lot of things, and I believe they offer a paid video player that doesn't include any branding. They offer a HTML5 video player with Flash fallback: http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/jw-player/jw-player-for-html5

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More like what group do they wish to cut out?


Face it, like anywhere else on the web, people have different likes.

  • Flash will cut out the iPhone/iPad market / Android is no slouch in usage statistics and does support Flash.
  • Even YouTube has video's I cannot watch with my android.
  • What about folks who like Real player?
  • What about folks who like Windows Media player?
  • What about those who like Quicktime?

Personally, the obvious answer is to supply all and allow the user to choose their preferred method. Natively Quicktime is on Mac and Windows Media on Windows by default. I am on windows but given a choice will always choose Quicktime over WM Player.


I am not even sure what Silverlight does for video, so that may be a consideration as well.


Not really an answer, I cannot supply statistics either. Flash is popular so they really should not just dismiss Flash users. Best is to supply for each media type, not just one.

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