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Tax Deductions for web freelancers (USA)

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This is excellent information. Thank you.

I learned a bit of information from a presentation I attended this morning about deductions for home offices. Over and above the obvious office square footage formula for figuring the percentage to write off on utilities, mortgages, property taxes, if you have an area outside that space that is specifically used for your business say for a large bookshelf that has all your software, books, educational material on it or a larger printer, file cabinets, or copier that is outside the set office space, you can measure that plus the the general walking area around it and add it to your office square footage total. - Hey, every little bit helps!!

I also learned some tips on travel deductions - good stuff. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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Nice article.


What about doing non-profit websites? Some developers will charge a low fee or pro-bono. Is there some kind of write-off for work rendered at less than your going hourly rate?

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