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  1. OK I am doing everything right, it's the service pack for Vista and the same problem exists on Windows 7. Grrrr.... Check this out http: //forums. adobe. com/message/2197998 So I still have the problem though..... still searching for a solution
  2. That is what I am doing Eric. All of my clients are kept in a folder called my SWA. I created a new folder in there called Dry Fast carpet. Then opened DW, created anew site named it Dry Fast, browsed to that folder and said OK. Then the above happened. Ben, I don't want to create a site with all of those folders in it, only the new one I just created. I have been doing it this way for three years now and just this week it has started giving me that message and loading all the folders in the new one. Hence my confusion....
  3. When I create a new site in DW and choose the local root folder and say OK a message comes up that says The root folder you have chosen contains the folder for site 'client name' (it has named a few different client sites) Synchronization may wotk incorrectly. Proceed anyway? If I don't proceed anyway, I get no new site. When I do proceed, dw PROCEEDS to load every client site in DW into this new one. That is many. I can't have this happening but don't know what to do. I only found out after a 27 minute wait on hold that Adobe wants to charge me $39 to get the answer! When I said no I don't want to pay that, I was told to get it for free on the website. I go to the site, search, 'chat' with tech support who tells me they don't know enough, to call with the case number (and pay). Well, I took the d*!m case number just in case no one here has any idea what is up. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. *fingers crossed*
  4. Sometimes once the problem is fixed....well...dee dah dee :/ The second problem with the un-editable region is teh one I am referring to above. It was fixed doing this - (found at ehow). I already the page with my own content. Open the page. Click File, Save as Template, locate the site the template will be saved in and name the template. My version (DW CS3) asked if I want to update links. I said yes. Then in code view I was able to change/erase the gray text (it was still gray). I removed the issue. This fixed the initial problem - getting the main content to fill the page when the sidebar content ended. THANK YOU ERIC! for pointing me in the right direction to the hasLayOut comment for IE.
  5. No, I just want to edit an area that is un-editable (grayed out) in my DW template header code. I have already modified the css - with my colors, fonts, styles, etc. as well as added much content to the page but now want to change/remove that comment in the header code that contains the hasLayOut you referred to; in hopes that it fixes my initial problem - the main content filling in under the end of the left sidebar content in IE.
  6. I am trying to find the .dwt file to modify the template. The hasLayout comment is 'greyed out' and on the html page not the css. Sorry for the wrong category. I am finding so much info on this, I'm almost afraid to do anything. Going to save what I have and mess around with a copy but if anyone has a couple of instructions for this DW CS3 template, that'd be great. Hoping to apply this to the gallery page as well. Thx! (But not to the index or contact pages!)
  7. I have set my services page css with no left margin for the main content so that it would then fill the entire area when the left sidebar ended. Used a DW basic left sidebar header and footer template that had a comment about it in the css template. Looks good in Fire Fox but in IE7 it still keeps all main content to the right. I have tried a few things but to no avail. Here is a link to the page and to the css- http://www.'>http://www. stephenwesleyagency. com/client_preview_area/Kings Hand Car Wash/services.html http://www. stephenwesleyagency. com/client_preview_area/Kings Hand Car Wash/twoColFixLtHdr_services.css Thanks for any help avail
  8. This is excellent information. Thank you. I learned a bit of information from a presentation I attended this morning about deductions for home offices. Over and above the obvious office square footage formula for figuring the percentage to write off on utilities, mortgages, property taxes, if you have an area outside that space that is specifically used for your business say for a large bookshelf that has all your software, books, educational material on it or a larger printer, file cabinets, or copier that is outside the set office space, you can measure that plus the the general walking area around it and add it to your office square footage total. - Hey, every little bit helps!! I also learned some tips on travel deductions - good stuff. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  9. Go Daddy is pretty well known and when I first began developing sites, they were the first I went with for hosting, actually the second, but anyway....as I continued to use them I have to say I have always been impressed with their tech help. The have walked me through stuff on the phone that, as a beginner, I didn't know even what I was asking but they were patient and worked with me to help me understand. I really like that on the phone help too instead of only an email available. As far as creating php forms, you want your hosting set up as Linux instead of windows for your php to work with Go Daddy hosting. If you're using windows then forms need to be written in asp (this is what tech has told me) but it is very easy to move your hosting from one format to the other. Tech can easily help you do this. If you use GD's php form code, it will include a thankyou.html and if you don't create one of your own called thankyou.html (same as GD's code) but consistent with your own site, then when your user hits 'submit' it will go to an 'oops' (error) page - trying to redirect to GD's thankyou.html which is non-existent - you must create your own. This also helps the visitor to know that something has happened when they submitted a form. Just include a 'back' link on your thank you page. I'm not sure what so many have against Go Daddy,(I'll probably find out though) but could be because I don't do alot of advanced coding - just basic stuff so never (knock on wood) had any major problems. But, as I said, always been happy with tech support so don't hesitate to call them when you're having a problem or question.
  10. I was wondering how you're faring up there. I heard about a resident that was saving logs to build himself a log cabin (2nd) home but is now burning that wood to stay warm. Wow!! Let's hope it passes quickly.
  11. OK, looks like I will be writing an extra style sheet for IE6 and possibly IE7. I also read that I don't need to write all the styles from my main css for each IE css. I need only write the required fixes and then in the link first to my main.css, then to the IE6.css. There is also some code for writing one that includes all versions. These style sheets will mainly deal with my bkg, header and footer .png images.But the images that I have within my body content that are different on each page, I have changed to .jpg at this point. I'm not sure, but if I wanted to leave them as .png (maybe because of transparency or something) would I write a conditional comment directly in the html? And would it look like this?
  12. Thank you. Sometimes I just need the 'right' search terms! I was over there looking for 'IE conditional comments'. Looks like FalkenCreative and Im have some good links over there for handling png transparencies. Going back now.....
  13. Yes, transparencies and yes, IE 6. I'll probably have to make one for IE7 too, huh?
  14. This site looks good in Firefox but none of my images show in IE, in fact it just sits there trying to load until I finally just close it. All of my images are .png. Should I write a CSS for IE and save all images as .gifs or .jpgs to get it to render right? Then, I'm not sure on the IE CSS - do I have to incorporate the whole main css, or just write it to show the different format of images? Here's the link -(spaces added) stephen wesley agency.com/client_preview_area/Rapid%20Environmental/ index.html (only loaded the home page) So, something like this in the head- where I then have just my different format of images with the same image rules as the main css? Do I have to add the css image rules? Or will it pick it up from the main? Am I on the right track:/ Or should I do something entirely different for frickin' IE? tia
  15. Dr. John, Jack Johnson, Diana Krall and am totally into the soundtrack from 'Across the Universe'. Always loved the Beatles and this soundtrack is remixed and has brought this awesome music to a younger generation that in turn, is loving it too. I turn it way up and sing (horribly) at the top of my lungs:o Oh yeah, another good one for the seventh inning stretch Simon and Garfunkel 'Kodachrome' Yeah get up and dance (also horribly)....hahaha
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