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  1. Yes i called tech and talked to them for about 1 minute and the guy was like i have a link to your email on the way. He knew what i was talking about right away. It was very easy to add and you are right. It involved a thankyou.html which i created to return. You could also just put in your index.html file where the thankyou file is which would just return you to the homepage. I will commit on the windows vs linux. That was my second major problem. I was using a windows server that did not even support php, lol. Although, if you choose to use a windows server then you need to select the IIS 7 instead of IIS 6. When you sign up for a hosting account IIS 6 is auto selected. IIS 6 does not support php while IIS 7 does. Hope this helps and thank you all for all the help you gave me. I am very impressed with this place
  2. hello i have a site. www.kcflight.com I am starting to learn to use css to develop the sites. I understand that many people out there have a lot different sizes of resolution. I have a fairly large res which is 1680/1050. I need to know how to keep a centered. When i create it in my css file i have to use "left: 480px;". When i do this it will always keep the object 480px from the left side of the page. There has to be a way to create it so that no matter what it will stay centered.here is an example of one of my css codes. #center_table { position: absolute; top: 9px; left: 252px; width: 776px; height: 930px; background-image: url(bgtable.png); overflow: hidden; background-repeat: no-repeat; } this code should give me a background that i made which i can add text/pic on top of it to make it look like a table. i would just like to know what i need to change to make it always stay centered.
  3. would just like to show anyone else who might be having the same problem. If anyone else uses GoDaddy for hosting and want to have a functional form. They actually have the php code already written for you. Here is the link. Just add it into your form. http://help.godaddy.com/article/510?#webformmailer
  4. thank you this is what i thought but it was driving me nuts all night :-\. i thought godaddy supported php. It gave me phpmyadmin. why would they block the mail() function? What is a good hosting that will support everything?
  5. this is the warning im getting. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\wamp\www\form_response.php on line 30 Mail Sent.
  6. Sorry i didnt answer your questions. When i hit the submit button it would go back to my index.html page and then no email sent. i put it on my localhost and fixed all the error messages except it said something about tryin it in isset()?!? didnt know about that
  7. thank you falkencreative this is my problem. I use godaddy as my host and i guess like u said it blocks the mail() command. So if it blocks it then what do i use? Also i know that some of the "header" and input code my be a little wrong or out of place, i can fix that later. I just need to know about the functionality of my php. Thanks guys
  8. this is my form I would like to receive Information about all flight Programs. * First Name: * Last Name: * Street Address 1: Street Address 2: * City: * State: * Zip: * Country: Phone: * E-mail: Previous Flight Time: Here is my form_response file. <?php $box = $_POST['box']; $Firstname =$_POST['Firstname']; $Lastname = $_POST['Lastname']; $Address1 = $_POST['Address1']; $Address2 $_POST['Address2']; $City = $_POST['City']; $Zip = $_POST['Zip']; $Country = $_POST['Country']; $Phone = $_POST['Phone']; $Email = $_POST['Email']; $Time = $_POST['Time']; $email_message = "I would like info about all your programs: {$box} all my other info is {$Firstname} , {$Lastname} , {$Address1} , {$Address2} , {$City} , {$Zip} , {$Country} , {$Phone} , {$Email} , {$Time}"; $to = "robert.cfi@gmail.com"; $subject = "none"; $message = "$email_message"; $from = "someonelse@example.com"; $headers = "From: $from"; mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); echo "Mail Sent."; ?> why does this not work? any help is great help. thanks
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