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One word - Accessibility


Both Black on Dark Grey and red on Dark Grey will be difficult for those with poor vision. The strain on the eyes may cause people to just leave. The dark lines behind the text are distracting as well for poor vision and cognitive disorders. Best to pale things out to pastel type colors.

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Hi First off

I can see you are very creative and it is your first design.

and I assume you are looking for honest feedback which you will get here cause we are here to help and you asked.

here is a snapshot of how it looks in internet explorer 8, firefox and chrome:


the menu is not the right size to acomadate the number of links.

I have fairly good eyesight and cannot read it hardly at all.

the total size of all the images is 300kb pretty large for my taste.

it does not resize well at all even gets worse.

It does not validate.

I would have named the front page of my document index.html. and put the images in another folder but thats just me.

ps.dont let any of this discourage you there is some more to learn you will do fine.

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hi coollew sir, thanks alot for your reply.i thnink it will be help to grow up!yes i did'nt check it on EI.I will restore it and thanks for your help.

collew sir and lsw (again) thanks both for your reply;

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Not a problem... and don't get upset about my answers either, I am not into small talk, I just say what I think needs to be said, not trying to trash you.


You can also drop the (again), I am fed up with computers and web design and quit so I changed my ID, then my job forced me back into it so I changed it back and added the (again) to not I was back as a designer. LOL Sarcasm.


Oh, I also do this from work so do not have much time for social stuff.

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